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Two charged in Johnston moonshine operation

Posted December 22, 2010

— Agents with the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement have busted a moonshine operation near Benson, seizing 255 gallons of liquor and arresting two men, authorities said Wednesday.

ALE agents found 3,948 gallons of mash, which is used to make moonshine, at 3260 Woods Crossroads last Friday and destroyed it, authorities said. They also seized $855 in cash.

John L. Wood, who lives at the house where the moonshine was found, was charged with possession of non-tax-paid alcohol, possession for sale and selling of non-tax-paid liquor, illegal manufacturing of alcoholic beverages and possession of equipment intended for use in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

James C. Adams, of 1457 Ivey Road in Benson, also was charged with possession of non-tax-paid alcohol, possession of non-tax-paid alcohol for sale and selling alcohol without a state permit. ALE agents seized his car.

In separate investigations, ALE agents seized 294 gallons of liquor from a vehicle at 154 Falkner Quarter Road in Warrenton, authorities said. They charged the owner, Harry Stegall Jr., with five counts each of possession of non-tax-paid alcohol and possession of non-tax-paid alcohol for sale and two counts of transporting non-tax-paid alcohol. Agents confiscated three vehicles and $1,289 in cash.

In the Halifax County town of Hollister, agents seized six gallons of liquor and a shot gun from a home at 38896 N.C. Highway 561, authorities said. Homeowner James D. Richardson was charged with possession of non-tax-paid alcohol, possession of non-tax-paid alcohol for sale and possession of a firearm by a felon.


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  • Inter Alios Dec 22, 2010

    Did they get to use those shiny new AK-47s?

  • whoops Dec 22, 2010

    perfect story to voice my frustration with law enforcement since today's NYTimes story did not offer an opportunity for comment. Arrests here in NC for making moonshine and the Law chased Popcorn through the NC mountains until he died but it's novel and rugged to refer to the same act in the Times as "craft distillers". Seriously!!
    Just Don’t Call It Moonshine
    Published: December 21, 2010

  • theseahorse Dec 22, 2010

    Lets bust the man making moon shine and next hookers.Then we can use kids to buy smokes under cover.Great way for ALE to make press !!! Never been forced to buy anything I don't want.
    Let the drug dealers run wild. Save state money lay off ALE

  • dannygilx Dec 22, 2010

    "Making Moon Shine is against the Law people!!"

    Making it ain't illegal, making it without have the proper license/permits (read not paying taxes on it) is illegal.

  • pizno82 Dec 22, 2010

    These guys are despicable. Bet they were selling to minors and who know what they were putting in that stuff. Someone could have gotten ill or died from that poison. Lock them up, make them pay taxes and repossess their property.

  • ncguy Dec 22, 2010

    They are more worried about the tax revenue loss.

    Go find a meth house instead ALE

  • frankbad15 Dec 22, 2010

    Making Moon Shine is against the Law people!!

  • FarmerDoug Dec 22, 2010

    Legalize it, and Bev could help pay down the deficit.

  • ncrebel Dec 22, 2010

    And they act like this is news?

    How do you think Percy Flowers made all is money? Old Percy would turn over in his grave to know there is an ABC Store on Hwy. 42 now.

  • DowntownGirl Dec 22, 2010

    Moonshine in Johnston County...wow, that is news! Oh, no, wait.