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Two charged after minivan stolen with children inside

Posted September 29, 2008

— A Louisburg couple has been charged with stealing a minivan in which two young children were sleeping, police said Monday.

Robert Dale Rose, 49, and Christie Lynn Coffman, 31, both of 166 Osage Road, were each charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping and one count of larceny of a motor vehicle. Rose also was charged with driving while impaired and driving without a license.

They were being held Monday in the Johnston County Detention Center under $200,000 secured bonds.

A 2005 Honda Odyssey was stolen from outside a business at 12973 U.S. Highway 70 Business in Clayton shortly before 6 p.m. Saturday, police said. The owner told police she left the keys in the ignition while she ran inside, but the van was gone when she came back out.

Two children, ages 1 month and 15 months, were sleeping in child seats inside the minivan, police said.

Police stopped the van about two miles away on U.S. 70 Business near Amelia Church Road. The driver pulled over and was arrested without incident, while officers had to chase down a female passenger who fled the vehicle on foot, police said.

The children were unharmed, and the van wasn't damaged, police said.


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  • pebbles262004 Sep 29, 2008

    I am so glad that they caught the people who stold the van and that the kids were not harmed this could have been alot worse

  • down by the pond Sep 29, 2008

    Never, ever leave children unattended in vehicles.
    NEVER. Does not matter who, what or where.
    ,,,,NEVER are children safe UNATTENDED.

  • chris0628 Sep 29, 2008

    I agree with One Good Dad!!! I also leave my children in the van while I go and pay for gas. Why drag them out if, I'm only going to be in the store for less than a minute. But I also take my keys with me and look the door!!!

  • FromClayton Sep 29, 2008

    Clayton is safe, but not that safe. Why would you chance the lives of your kids to "run in" somewhere.

    I want to know the name of the person who did this. Clayton is small, I probably know her.

  • familyfour Sep 29, 2008

    I took the time to read all the comments posted. I see a lot of opinions. Neglect may be a strong word, but it would be thrown around if something bad had happened.

    I have two little ones. I also have a check card. I also have a lunch hour I spend running all the errands I don't want to "drag" my kids through. I have done the I'll be right back, and locked the door, peering through the window the whole time...but I felt like I couldn't get back quick enough, and it was not worth the worry of a few seconds of time compared to the anxiety I felt fearing something like this, all while trying to pay for something *real quick*. I'm glad I didn't learn my lesson the way she has learned hers. I am happy the children are safe and sound.

  • bnice1984 Sep 29, 2008

    c'mon, who seriously leave the keys in the ignition and car running to run inside for a second, with the kids in the car no less! this parent needs to be charges with gross stupidity and child endangerment.

  • threeps Sep 29, 2008

    Unbelievable! You never, never leave your kids in the car! Thank Goodness they are safe! I don't think she should face charges, but I sure hope she has learned a very valuable lession!

  • HappyGirl08 Sep 29, 2008

    Were the children taken away for an investigation as to what in the world would have made their momma leave them in the car, w/the keys in the ignition??? I mean seriously, how stupid can you be?? I know, we all say, I'm just going in and out quick as I can but really, this is a reason why you don't do that!

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Sep 29, 2008

    One Good Dad, I'm with you in that it is a parent's choice based on the situation. The odds of something bad happen are effectively the same if you take them in, or leave them in a locked car; and only increase slightly if the car is running.

    That said, I don't do it, I'm just too paranoid. But I'm tired of busy bodies acting like there is an epidemic of cars getting stolen with kids in them. We hear about so many of them because of the internet, it makes it feel like it's happening more than it is.

    You make the best decision for your family that you can for any given situation.

  • rafiki Sep 29, 2008

    For 'One good Dad'..... At least she could have locked the van.