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Truck gets stuck under Peace Street bridge in Raleigh

Posted July 15, 2014

A tractor-trailer driver jammed the rig under the Peace Street railroad bridge on Tuesday afternoon.

— A tractor-trailer driver on Tuesday failed to clear the railroad bridge that spans Peace Street in Raleigh, and the trailer jammed underneath the structure.

No injuries were reported, but authorities blocked off the area while trying to figure out how to get the rig loose.

The bridge is the site of several similar accidents that have happened over the years when drivers fail to notice, or ignore, the posted height clearance. The most recent accident was in May, when a trailer crumpled and broke in half after hitting the overpass.

The trailer got lodged underneath, and authorities closed the road for several hours while it was removed.



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  • harleygrrlnc Jul 16, 2014

    Had CDL. It is not easy to back out on city street without help. Trailer height is 13' or 13'6". City needs to mark a clear truck detour so drivers know how to get to other side of Peace ST. Glenwood to Capital to Peace. Might save the city time and money. Yes a driver should know his trailer height, but it hard to get out of a jam when you don't know where you are. City can help with more signs and truck routes.

  • Jump1 Jul 16, 2014

    Why close the road for several hours.. Let air out of tires drive forward add air, check bridge for damage 1 hour to 1 1/2 hrs.

  • jmoxley2010 Jul 15, 2014

    Why do they have to "figure out how to move it" this happens so often they should have a protocol by now.

  • Michael Whalen Jul 15, 2014
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    Here's a headline: Truck did NOT get stuck under Peace Street bridge this month!

  • PJM Jul 15, 2014

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  • Imma Annoid Jul 15, 2014
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    Let the air out of the tires works.

  • jkintner1 Jul 15, 2014

    The city of Raleigh should remove the pavement, dig the road surface down another foot or two and then resurface. Problem solved.

  • heelzfan4 Jul 15, 2014

    Letting the air out of the tires does indeed work. Saw a similar situation years ago, at that very LOW overpass in Durham. All of these DOT engineers were walking around, scratching their heads.....and this little boy riding a bike came up, and told them to just "let the air out of the tires." That is the truth! I busted out laughing!! Smart Kid!

  • sinenomine Jul 15, 2014

    This has happened so many times it hardly qualifies as news.

  • Cindy Rose Jul 15, 2014
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    Let the air out of the tires; that'll lower it enough to get it out; just back it out the direction it went in. They usually don't get stuck coming down from Glenwood, it's usually going up the hill. Always makes me shake my head. Truck drivers are supposed to know the height of their vehicle.