North Carolina State Fair

Troxler: Fair prepares for safety, can't prevent crime

Posted October 30, 2013

— After five days of injuries and arrests related to the North Carolina State Fair, Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler praised the planning and safety efforts at the annual event and chalked up a second ride-related accident to just plain bad luck. 

"The one thing that it's hard to do anything with is a crime," Troxler said.

He has been involved in the investigation that led to criminal charges against the operator of a ride that injured five when it started up unexpectedly Thursday night. 

Witnesses said the Vortex had stopped and riders were beginning to disembark when the ride started up again and flung some riders to the ground. Three people remained at WakeMed Wednesday recovering from their injuries.

Ride operator Timothy Dwayne Tutterrow, 46, of Quitman, Ga., faces three counts of assault with a deadly weapon in the case. District Attorney Colon Willoughby and Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison have both said that there is a possibility of someone else being charged.

'Bad things happen to good people'

Fair operators in other states had nothing but praise Wednesday for the family company behind the Vortex, Family Attractions Amusement out of Valdosta, Ga.

Paul Winters, executive director of the Union County Agricultural Fair in South Carolina, said he was surprised to learn about the accident. He used rides from Family Attractions this year, has them scheduled to return in 2014 and is considering signing them to a long-term deal.

"Bad things can happen to good people, and I think that's what this situation is," Winters said. 

"They're just good hard-working, God-loving people, and it's just been, you know, devastating to them," added Brenda Pierce, a member of the Tennessee Association of Fairs.

Pierce told WRAL News the owner of the company, Dominic Macaroni, called his contacts at the other fairs to let them know about the accident.

"He was upset. He was concerned, and his concern was about the people that were injured, hoping that they were going to be OK," said Billy Hancock, chairman of the Central Georgia Fair.

All vouched for Macaroni and the safety record of  Family Attractions Amusement, although the Vortex was not used at any of their fairs.

"They're on top of all their safety inspections. Their paperwork is impeccable. Their staff is clean. Their rides are clean," Winters said.

In North Carolina, fair organizers will wait until the conclusion of the criminal investigation to determine if changes are necessary, Troxler said.

"There was a crime committed at the State Fair, and it resulted in an accident," he said. "You already have laws in place, and if somebody chooses to disobey the laws, how do you handle that?"

Troxler emphasized the safety of the fair, noting the arrest Sunday of a man accused of secretly photographing boys in a State Fair restroom. 

"I'm proud that we caught that guy," Troxler said. "He's been among us out here for how long?"

The agriculture department spends between $600,000 and $700,000 annually to make the fair one of the safest places to be in the state, he said.

"With all the fire and rescue people and security we have at the fairgrounds, I don't think there's any other place in North Carolina that you're going to find that."

Relative to the 920,000 visitors at the fair, those injured – five Thursday in the accident on the Vortex, a worker injured as he disassembled another ride and a driver injured when his demolition derby car flipped – represent a tiny slice. Troxler said he was disappointed and shocked, but that the emergency response in each case was quick and thorough.

"How unlucky can you be that another ride named the Vortex is the one involved in an accident with the tear down," he asked. 

Anesto Newell, 32, was injured about 3:30 a.m. Monday as he worked to disassemble that ride. He, too, was still in the hospital Wednesday. Family members said he suffered a broken back, pelvis and leg when a piece of the ride fell on him.


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  • ncrebel Oct 31, 2013

    I sure wish Commissioner Troxler would get this excited about our county animal shelters, which are directly under his office's administration of the DOA, killing over 200,000 animals needlessly every year.

    I personally have left multiple voice messages and forwarded multiple emails to him and NOT one was acknowledged or returned. Amazing this guy is paid by my tax dollar.

  • IPayYouPay Oct 31, 2013

    On the news this morning, the first thing I heard out of Troxler's mouth was (and I quote) "Things happen..." Oh, so nonchalantly. I'll bet the people in critical condition who were getting off that ride (where criminal offense was found) didn't think "oh, well, things happen". Can you say LAWSUIT!!!!

  • Sherlock Oct 31, 2013

    We place the safety in your department to ensure that the rides are safety, which has not be provided, I believe it is time for the state to stop having these events which will save both lives and money. This would reduce the chance of crime and injury to everyone.

  • Get your IDs Oct 31, 2013

    I was at the fair last Thursday and saw about 8 or 9 cops standing around as one of them administered a breathalyzer test to a minor who had apparently been drinking. It takes 9 LEOs to give one teenage girl a breath test? Wouldnt the fair patrons have been better served by the other cops patrolling the fair rather than all of them watching a sobriety test?

  • WralCensorsAreBias Oct 31, 2013

    Well Steve, if you can't prevent crime then you don't deserve a single person to show up at those gates. And when they don't, don't cry about it.

    My take on it so far, the guy did what he was supposed to do. Steve and Donnie are the ones that fell short here.

  • death from above Oct 31, 2013

    One :Can we all say Scapegoat ?
    Two :I agree jackal10782 , i do not think they are looking far enough up the change of command .
    Three : Justic4All the poor fellow whom received the injures ,Was taken down a different ride with the same name.
    four : why was there no headlines on the next quote only a couple sentences in this article ?
    "Troxler emphasized the safety of the fair, noting the arrest Sunday of a man accused of secretly photographing boys in a State Fair restroom. " oops better slip that one in there no biggie !how did this go unreported until now?

  • jackal10782 Oct 30, 2013

    At this point we don't know that the ride operator disabled the safety equipment on the ride. He likely knew the safety equipment was disabled. My question is was he simply following orders? If he was simply following the orders of his supervisor he is guilty of nothing but a desire to be paid on friday.

  • Pseudonym Oct 30, 2013

    I'm still confused as to what makes this a crime rather than an unfortunate accident resulting from a stupid, boneheaded action.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 30, 2013

    "Thanks for what? Doing the job they're paid to do?"

    What is wrong with expressing thanks. Sure they are paid, but they could have been off drinking coffee and not actually working.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 30, 2013

    "Wow, Troxler should run for Governor cause he can blamestorm with the best of him."

    Troxler had nothing to do with the actions of the operator that caused this problem. The fault is with the operator and no one else. I agree that the charges seem over the top, but it will be up to the DA to decide which charges he will bring. Unless they CAN PROVE this guy was intentionally trying to hurt people the assault charge makes no sense. I don't think he did intend harm, but no question his actions caused this.