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Triangle Hospitals Ban Tobacco Use

Posted July 3, 2007

— Major hospitals in the Triangle are implementing a tobacco-free policy from Wednesday.

The use of tobacco products will be banned on the campuses of Rex Healthcare, WakeMed, UNC Hospitals and Duke University Health System.

The ban will apply to all medical workers, patients and visitors, said DUHS officials.

The hospitals formed the tobacco-free policy in October 2006, said officials.

Several hospitals are offering programs to help their employees quit using tobacco products.

DUHS is also providing nicotine replacement therapy to the public through outpatient pharmacies and gift shops.

Tobacco use and second-hand smoke are the leading cause of cancer and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in the U.S., said DUHS officials.


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  • balog Jul 4, 2007

    Yet another neo-con below this post. Bet he still thinks Bush is doing a fine job. I love it. He says there is no proof that second hand smoke causes health problems and death. Amazing.

    O'Reily is on, make sure you hang on his every word.

  • NoToIllegals Jul 4, 2007

    Here's a Comment to all of those in the Medical Field;

    Since you blame EVERYTHING regarding health issues - on smoking, then if we all HAVE to quit, maybe MANY of you will lose your jobs.


    I have more concerns with terrorist coming into open borders, treating illegals for free particularly when they have fights and drunk driving incidents.

    Why doesn't the GREAT GOVERNMENT Ban their treatment as well.


    If I wish to smoke, it is MY BUSINESS, not yours. I do not smoke around others, and I'll be danged if I have to go to REX, I'll FIND A WAY TO INHALE.

    There is absolutely NO PROOF that second hand smoke causes death to others. THAT IS TOTAL BS. It's the government's way of taking control of its citizens because they think we are too stupid to make adult choices.


  • kidsrn Jul 4, 2007

    I am a nurse at one of these hospitals that is now smoke-free. When I started in nursing over 20 years ago it was awful how some nurses would smoke in the break room and in the report room. Yuck! Now, it is rare for there to be a nurse (or any other health worker----at least on my floor) to be a smoker. No doubt that cigarettes are killers---not only to those who smoke them but to those who inhale second hand smoke. Honestly, the way it was before (where you had to go to a separate area---usually outside to smoke) was fine with me. I wasn't forced to inhale smoke and people could go there to smoke. I just wish that it was illegal for anyone to smoke in any restaurant. I am so sick of having to breathe that nastiness when I go out to eat. And, yes, I request a non-smoking area, but in some restaurants it is very poorly separated/ventilated. I won't go to those places anymore.

    Happy 4th of July and God Bless those who gave us the freedom to smoke and post comments on WRAL!!

  • lolly Jul 4, 2007

    balog - as much as you dislike smoke, do you really want them to quit smoking while thier mom is dying or during some other horrific event in their lives. Hopsitals could easily have someplace on thier campus to allow somkers to get a fix without bothering non-smokers.

  • DRA Jul 4, 2007

    balog i see you stooped to name calling how immature but im also glad i dont live next to you. you sound like the type of person that tries to mind eveybodys buisness but your own there is a lot of other pollution in the air other than ciggarette smoke factorys cars trucks etc so you might want to stay inside.

  • lolly Jul 4, 2007

    It is cruel to single out people and deny health care unless they stop smoking. The hospitals are basically saying - go cold turkey, right now, or we will deny health care. Its illegal to deny those who have never paid a dollar towards health care (illegal m-grants to avoid censor), but legal to deny users of a legal product health care? Cruel and unfair!

  • carrese Jul 4, 2007

    It is getting worse: you failed to mention that second hand smoke has been proven to cause lung cancer, coronary artery disease, bronchitis, emphysema,...the list goes on. It's about time that local hospitals get with the program. If I choose to drink responsibly, the only one that I affect is myself--I've never wrecked a car or hit a woman due to drinking, but I've inhaled plenty of second hand smoke because of irresponsible smokers. It's only a matter of time before all public places are smoke free.

  • it is getting worse Jul 4, 2007

    i'm amazed at the outrage towards smoking. I have never smoked and hate the smell of it BUT smoking does not cause the divorces, the wife beatings, the car wrecks, and the taking of innocent lives like alcohol does... ban the booze first. We seem to be ignoring the obvious!

  • balog Jul 4, 2007

    When you have the rules in place that will discipline employees for doing it and kick vistors off campus for doing it and repimand patients (such as now allowing them to go outside) then, yes, it can and will be enforced.
    Also, every is failing to realize the hospital are offering smoking cessation treatment.

  • LocalYokel Jul 4, 2007

    YES!!! this is great news on triangle hospital smoking ban. Smokers dont just destroy their lives, they hurt people around them with their stinky, toxic fumes. Smokers, you are still free to enjoy your nasty habbit at home but remember not to smoke around children! I hope resturants are next to ban smoking.