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Train horns continue to blow in Raleigh – for now

Posted June 24, 2009

— A plan to silence train noise in downtown Raleigh is on hold.

City Council members started discussing the issue after residents in newly developed areas complained about horns blaring late at night.

A plan to upgrade several crossings so trains wouldn't have to blow their horns could cost more than $2 million, and officials said there's no money in the budget for that.

Officials also said the city should wait for regional leaders to finalize a route for a proposed high speed rail service before making any changes.


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  • Americanpatriot Jun 25, 2009

    oh, you don't like the trains? I'm sorry,the trains blow their horns to let you know they're coming through the city.
    You still don't like them? then go live under a rock and let the people that do like trains continue listening to the whistles. I personally find them comforting and I can't imagine living without them.

  • Dreamin of Disney World Jun 25, 2009

    haa haa haa. Too dang funny.

  • lima33doc Jun 25, 2009

    Wow...a story that everyone can actually come to an agreement on. Is this an actual day in GOLO history????lol To the point; suck it up or move out.

  • EZeegoing Jun 25, 2009

    All those homeowners who are crying about noise listen up ! Such a deal I have for you. How about some cheap ocean front property in Virginia Beach Va. Don't worry about jet noise from the master jet base, they only fly during the day when you are at work! In other words whose fault is it you choose to purchase a residence in the close proximity of a railroad track. DUH.

  • Iworkforaliving Jun 25, 2009

    the horns need to be changed to WAHH-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • FromClayton Jun 25, 2009

    *rolls eyes* The train tracks were there first. People keep dying on them anyway. Blow your horn train. While you annoy some, you may be saving the life of others.

    And this is a recession people. Let's try not to throw $2mil away.

  • Aces_N_8s Jun 25, 2009

    These are "newly" developed areas which means the trains were there when they bought their place. Deal with it.

  • haditup2here Jun 25, 2009

    My parents DID the research B4 moving to Cary decades ago.And because the AIRPORT was already there, Daddy even went so far as to look into the flight plan routes with respect to the home he was going to have built. Also rented a house on the same street while our house was being built.His research determined that the planes would not be going over our home and proceeded with building accordingly.All was well at first THEN MacGregor Downs was built and OH LORD NO, THOSE residents couldn't abide by having the planes go over THEIR houses, ones they built knowing full well that the AIRPORT preceeded them.So THEY forced the AIRLINES to stop flying over their houses and they were re-routed over ours.It's one thing to have a nasty little surprise like that happen over your backyard.It's another thing entirely to build near the train tracks and THEN COMPLAIN.AND more than likely they didn't fuss when they bought their houses for 1000s less $ than the SAME home a few miles away!

  • therealcottle Jun 25, 2009

    If you don't like the sound of train whistles, don't live near the train tracks...problem solved.

  • SME2 Jun 25, 2009

    They'll regret not letting the trains blow their whistle when the first person is killed because they have to be quiet.