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Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Bust

Posted June 27, 2007

— Police made one of the largest Ecstasy seizures in the history of the Durham Police Department during a Wednesday morning traffic stop on Interstate 85.

An officer from the department’s Interstate Criminal Enforcement Team stopped a Dodge Charger with rental tags at 8:50 a.m. on southbound I-85 at Duke Street for speeding and following too close, police said. Officers searched the vehicle and found 2,495 Ecstasy pills worth approximately $65,000, 37 grams of marijuana and more than $12,000 in cash, police said.

An occupant of the vehicle gave officers two false names before they determined he was Gary Gayle, 41, of Kingston, Jamaica.

Gayle had been deported from the U.S. in 1998 after a murder and apparently re-entered the country illegally, police said. He was traveling from New York to Atlanta when the car was stopped, police said.

He was charged with two counts of trafficking in Ecstasy and one count of possession of marijuana with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver. Two other occupants of the car weren't charged.


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  • mindlessfa99it Jun 29, 2007

    heightend by the use of X. It still is very popular with many young and middle aged people and the risk of using it these days is worse because many people will make "fake" XTC and you will in fact be taking speed, heroin... etc. and can have a fatal reaction. Not to mention that some of the people making this drug put cocaine, heroin, speed and other ingredients in with the MDMA... so you never really know what you are getting and the risks of having a bad effect or deadly effect are greater. Not to mention that many young people use this when dancing at a club or rave and don't drink enough water and dehydrate and go into shock or they overhydrate and also go into shock. Kinda scary huh?

  • mindlessfa99it Jun 29, 2007

    As for the questions about ecstacy I can tell you from first hand experience with the drugs a little about it. The government started testing MDMA (ecstacy,X,XTC... etc.) back in the 70's I believe for mental health. They origionally thought that it would be useful for people with depression etc. MDMA causes the person taking it to feel extreme euphoria and all their senses heightend. In the 80's people found out about MDMA and started making it and selling it privately to their friends meanwhile the government was working on trying to make MDMA an illegal substance. People were using it all the time and eventually the govt. made it an illegal substance with the likes of heroin and cocaine etc.

    It was used heavily in the Rave scene (huge dance parties for all you old people.) And people including myself at one time can tell you it is by far considered to be the best recreational drug around. It gives extreme euphoria and a sense of well being and touch, sight and sound are all..

  • Seeminglyopposed Jun 28, 2007

    My question???If you know you are doing something illegal..WHY, WHY OH WHY would you be speeding and following too close.

    I am so glad, we do have stupid criminals.

  • lovecarolinagutters Jun 28, 2007

    Typical....not at all surprised....didn't know you could murder in this country and then just go home.....Jeez!!

  • wstarhawks Jun 28, 2007

    How does one commit a murder in 98' and be roaming free in 07', 9 years later. I'm puzzled?????

    But you can have consensual sex as a teenager and get 10 years.

  • Sunne Jun 28, 2007

    Steve Crisp - I am curious, what is the source of your information?

    We need tougher immigration laws or at the very least, we should enforce the laws we do have in place.

  • 2BaRealist Jun 28, 2007

    Thanks to your good ole boy prezuhdent, you will see more and more of this as he strives to fulfill his goal of a North American Union by 2010.

    Prepare to see the borders dissolve and your dollars turn to Ameros..


  • lornadoone Jun 28, 2007


    check out

    for info.

  • ez Jun 28, 2007

    What's going to take to get our government to secure our borders? Our elected officals are traitors.

  • w04equals666 Jun 28, 2007

    we need to give amnesty to all the illegal aliens in the us at this time..it is only fair that they be forgiven their felonies since they are all just hardworking folks seeking a better life..there won't be any trouble in getting them to come forward and sign up..and it will probably take the state department just a couple of months to process them in, right..there can't be that many and they are doing such a wonderful job processing passport applications of the tens of thousand of us citizens who have full documents..and even though according to president flightsuit there are only 12 million illegals in the country and that estimate is off by 9 million on the low side according to immigrationcounters.com it will be ok..and it really is not important that we stop the leaking of our borders right..just because this murderer got in we are safe from al qaeda, right..no worries..what is important is that wages not be allowed to rise...right..it's all ok..we are all safe...right?