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Tractor-trailer driver charged in Selma crash

Posted August 1, 2012
Updated August 2, 2012

— A tractor-trailer driver was charged Wednesday after he crashed into two vehicles on Interstate 95 South in Selma.

Troopers charged Barry Martin, of Gilbert, S.C., with failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision and failure to wear a seat belt.

The crash happened near U.S. Highway 70 shortly before 11 a.m., and the road reopened by 3:20 p.m.

Martin told authorities he took his eyes off the road to reach for a Lifesaver candy and crashed into the vehicles, according to the state Highway Patrol.

He was treated at a nearby hospital and later released.

Brittany Liles, of Pinelevel, was hit while driving her Jeep, troopers said. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at WakeMed and released. Christopher Allen, of Selma, was also hit. He did not seek medical attention.


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  • lfields2 Aug 2, 2012

    It is against North Carolina Law to drive in the passing lane.

  • samdutes Aug 2, 2012

    I'd say another factor is left-lane hoggers. Why doesn't the HP do anything about it? -- CestLaVie

    Because they, left-lane hoggers are not breaking any law as there is no impeding traffic law here. I don't like them any more than anyone else, but the police basically have their hands tied on this one........email your representitive and senator....I have.

  • lfields2 Aug 2, 2012

    First I am praying for everyone involved in this....

    I travel 80 miles of 95 to get to and from work, I love my job, I lothe the drive. I set my cruise for between 65 and 70, and people are still passing like I am doing 20. I have noticed with all that driving that about 75% of the people that drive in the passing lane are from out of state. The driving lane is just for that, "driving", the passing lane is for "passing". It's not a hard concept. I know most people in order to get a licence are taught assured distance between you and the car in front, but that is quickly forgotten once they drop their change in the bubble gum machine. Is getting to your destination really worth your life or someone else's????

    On another note, I trust more of the 18 wheelers out there than I do other vehicles

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 1, 2012

    Not that i agree but accidents have of late been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, etc. Not that i agree also with outrage when accidents happen because they do happen but had he been accused of DWI people would want him stringed up. Although in this case he wasn't but he made an impaired choice that put people in the exact same danger. Why not they out cry of his irresponsible choices? Once again I done agree but I do notice

  • daughters of anarchy Aug 1, 2012

    Actually it was me that started the whole left lane thing. I have concern for the people but others were specualting about behaviors on the road, when I sated that refusing to get out of the left lane can be dangerous and then BIG BOY had to threaten me. No disrespect at all for the injured.

  • twc Aug 1, 2012

    Maybe if the majority of our law enforcement vehicles weren't souped-up undercover cars they could serve as an effective deterrent to drivers.

    Police cars need to be more visible!!!!!! It's much better to deter lawbreakers than to capture them by surprise. As dangerous as I-95 is in NC there needs to be highly-visible marked cars at least every ten miles or so.

  • Momma Aug 1, 2012

    We used to take I95 to the beach, but with so many close calls on this road, I opted for another route. I95 scares me!

  • Desiderata Aug 1, 2012

    This story has to do with a driver taking eyes and attention off road to "pick something up"which could have stayed where it was till he pulled over.. His bad. AND 5 over speed limit is more than enough.. anymore you are a moving death trap for all around you!

  • Roy G Biv Aug 1, 2012

    He must have been looking for his Chick-Fil-A coupon.

  • golfin69 Aug 1, 2012

    Obamacare-Nicely stated...exactly what I was thinking