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Today's Bizarre News: Hunting, or "Hanging Out"?

Posted December 25, 2013

"I was just hanging out," said a Minnesota man who happened to be "just hanging out" in a deer blind while wearing orange and coincidentally holding a loaded weapon. A game warden disagreed, arguing that he was clearly hunting, and since he lacked a license to do so, he received a citation. The dispute went to court...and the court sided with the game warden.

At the very least, one might argue this was a case of hanging out with intent, as it were, since, really, how many people "just hang out" in deer blinds wearing full hunting gear and keeping weapons to hand? All told, the court's opinion ran to nine pages, and included a musing on the etymological roots of "pursuit" and many other delightful gems.

Take note, Minneapolis handymen: while you can "just hang out" in a blind, don't plan on doing it while dressed as a hunter and carrying a rifle!

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