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Three teens arrested in fights at club

Posted August 4, 2008

— Three teens were arrested late Sunday following a series of fights outside a music club, police said.

Red's Beach Club, at 1505 Capital Blvd., held a youth night Sunday, and fights broke out between different groups in the parking lot as the club closed, police said. Some fights also took place in the parking lot of a Sprint store across the street, police said.

Two of the teens will be charged as juveniles and the third as an adult, police said.


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  • kitcat718 is a college student Aug 4, 2008

    When I was a teen we had a few teen clubs here in Raleigh. (Those who have been here that long remember Weekends, Weekends II and the original City Limits) There was the occasional fight but nothing like this. It is crazy how far things have degenerated in just a few years.

  • ncweddingdj.com Aug 4, 2008

    REDS is a forever beach club, trying to do something for the community on a slow night. It was too late for these "folks" to go to Triangle Town Center and play, so....Kudos to Red Hughes for offering them a chance.

  • John Aug 4, 2008

    The Time has come to start arresting the parents when the underage person breaks the law and causes everyone else problems due to their behavior.

  • colliedave Aug 4, 2008

    the result of "Every Child A Safe Child"

  • Adelinthe Aug 4, 2008

    Try to do something nice for 'em, and they act up.

    Praying for them.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • educationisliberation Aug 4, 2008

    carolinagirl, let me know your numbers. those remaining will most likely be in my classroom. :)

  • carolinagirl75 Aug 4, 2008

    errr...forgot a word "how many" (maybe i need to teach myself how to type)

  • carolinagirl75 Aug 4, 2008

    once again i ask, how of these charmers will i have to teach?

  • bigbr0ther Aug 4, 2008

    I bet reds will do the same thing that City Limits did. City Limits had one teen night this year and had nothing but trouble with fights and decided that there would be no more teen nights.

  • jbirdnc Aug 4, 2008

    That fight was aweful. It all started when one yelled at the other:

    "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."