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Three-county, 110-mph chase ends with driver's arrest

Posted May 29, 2009

— Troopers chased a driver through Wake, Durham and Orange counties before they caught the man near Carrboro early Friday.

Around 2:30 a.m., Trooper Matt Cape clocked Vincent Craig Garner, 40, driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 40 in Wake County, near the Durham County line.

When Cape tried to pull him over, Garner took off and speeds reached 110 mph, troopers said. After a nearly 30 minute chase, authorities caught him 4 miles outside Carrboro. No one was hurt.

Garner was charged with DWI, speeding to elude arrest, driving with a revoked license, careless and reckless driving, resisting arrest and driving with an open container of alcohol.


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  • leo-nc May 29, 2009

    "these Police definately went way over "policy" chasing this guy going super fast here."---

    No they did not. They were definitely WITHIN policy. Well within it.

  • XARABELLE May 29, 2009

    Well put anitov!

  • manofjustice May 29, 2009

    Jerome Ersland should have shot him for driving so dumb with an open container. How dumb can you get.

  • thepeopleschamp May 29, 2009

    Let me get this straight. A man drinks a bunch of alcohol, he takes out his keys, starts his car and drives, his license are revoked, his driving is so bad it attracts a police officer that trys to stop him, he sees blue light and instead of pulling over he speeds up, he drives for 3 counties and never stops, he has an open container of alcohol in the car.....and whose fault is all these bad decisions he made??? The police?!?!?! Clueless sheep. I guess he wasn't to blame for anything that happened as long as there was a policeman nearby to blame.

  • XARABELLE May 29, 2009

    So all of you golo'ers out there...these Police definately went way over "policy" chasing this guy going super fast here. No one was killed, are they as "bad" as you all made Officer Dunlap from Franklinton to be...let's see what you all have to say about this.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 29, 2009

    110 MPH ? Only DOUBLE double-nickel? He must be driving domestic.

    "when I drive that slow it's hard to steer...I can't get my car outta second gear..."


  • copforlife May 29, 2009


  • EZeegoing May 29, 2009

    Hopefully I will see this gentleman working a road gang soon, perhaps that would be a wakeup call..

  • are you kidding me May 29, 2009

    So, I see lights in the mirror. Let me think, I can stop or I can run away and my problem is solved. Let me take a sip of this cold beverage in my cup holder. Yeah, I can drive off and solve my problem! Black, white, green or red...green being those from Mars...amounts to being an idiot! Our educational system has failed us!

  • jprime May 29, 2009

    "Hearing things like this always makes me wonder why we allow cars to be built that go over 90, much less 110!!?? What is the point?"

    Because its fun! In all seriousness, there are outlets where it is perfectly legal to drive this fast (some other countries, race tracks)

    Speed can be limited on a per-car basis. It can be done with software. Many cars are already limited because of the coding in their car's computer. Devices already exist that connect to cars' computers, just specialize some to limit the speed for teens/convicts/rental cars/etc.