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Three Bragg soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Posted June 1, 2011

— Three Special Forces soldiers from Fort Bragg died Sunday in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense announced Wednesday.

Capt. Joseph W. Schultz, 36, of Port Angeles, Wash., Staff Sgt. Martin R. Apolinar, 28, of Glendale, Ariz., and Sgt. Aaron J. Blasjo, 25, of Riverside, Calif., were killed in Wardak province when enemy forces attacked their unit with an improvised explosive device, officials said.

Schultz and Apolinar were assigned to Company C, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), while Blasjo was part of the Group Support Battalion within 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg.


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  • wlo0638 Jun 1, 2011

    College classmate of mine was SF. Great friend, great person (Eagle Scout, football scholarship, son of NC math teacher). Now an MBA and consultant w/ big firm. These are outstanding men.

  • rmsmith Jun 1, 2011

    The only way this will stop is when we turn mountainous regions in Afhganistan, Pakistan and most of Iran into glass. The world would "wake up" like what happened in WWII.

    We have way too may people that are afraid of their own shadow as politicians. Good versus evil; "step up to the plate"

  • xchief661 Jun 1, 2011

    So So sorry for them and their families. Its just heartwrenching.

  • nanasix Jun 1, 2011

    PLEASE BRING OUR MEN AND WOMEN HOME. THIS BATTLE IS SUCH A WASTE OF OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN. Let them come home and secure our border's, we're not going to stop the terrorist over there, but they can protect us and keep the terrorist our of the USA. They could also be used to round up the illegals and move them out, as ICE sure doesn't have the man/woman power to do it. Guess we'll have to get rid of Obama first, what a shame. God bless the families of those lost, they are in my prayers

  • nighttrain2010 Jun 1, 2011

    Very sad to hear. How many more troops will have to die needlessly in this third world nation before leaders realize US foreign policy is a failure.

    Bring the troops home now

  • Leftwing Jun 1, 2011

    MitziGaynor - I am with you. I hate the Taliban and terrorist. So sad for these families that people w/o any respect for life or themselves kill our soldiers.

  • pmck Jun 1, 2011

    My heart breaks for these families. What a tragedy. Every one of these precious lives lost...

  • Worland Jun 1, 2011

    So far in 2011, 157 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan. This brings the total to 1603 killed in the war.

    Roughly 46,000 troops have been wounded, and more than 1 Million vets have pending VA claims.

  • Twittyfan Jun 1, 2011


  • loyalgirl1111 Jun 1, 2011

    A sincere thank you to these men and their families for their ultimate sacrifice.

    Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord,
    and let perpetual light shine upon them.
    May they rest in peace.