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Three arrested in fatal shooting near Durham's Southpoint mall

Posted February 9, 2013
Updated February 10, 2013

— Durham police arrested three people Saturday after a man was shot and killed outside Moe's Southwest Grill on Fayetteville Road near the Streets at Southpoint mall.

Brian Christopher Keys, 24, of Greensboro, died in the shooting.

Police arrested Monquell L. Davis, 19, of Lutz Lane, Deshario Tamaurious Mitchell, 18, of Marne Avenue, and Kadeem Rasheed Johnson, 18, of Umstead Street and charged them with murder.

Davis also faces fleeing to elude arrest and felony hit and run resulting in injury charges.

Officers responded to the restaurant, in the Renaissance Center across the street from Southpoint, about 12:50 p.m. and found Keys in the parking lot. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

After being given a description of a suspect vehicle, officers attempted to stop a Jeep Liberty matching that description a short time later on Fayetteville Road. The driver refused to stop and fled from officers before crashing near Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, police said. 

Three people inside the Jeep Liberty were taken to the Durham Police Department for questioning and later arrested. Police said Keys knew the suspects and that it appears they shot him inside the Jeep.

"This city, these citizens are not going to tolerate the gun violence on our citizens in Durham. We're just not going to tolerate it," said Durham police Captain Patrice Andrews.

Man shot dead near Southpoint Mall in Durham Man shot dead near Southpoint Mall in Durham


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  • ABM Feb 12, 2013

    Part 2

    no offense to anyone, back then you would have never seen a white person downtown after 5pm, but now I have to look twice, and check the clock when I drive around downtown.. Things have changed for the better, but Mayor Bell, I challenge you to do the right thing, GET TOUGH ON THE PROBLEM, and please understand that time is a factor. CLEAN IT UP....

  • epee131 Feb 12, 2013

    I grieve that a young man has lost his life. I grieve that 3 young men have changed their lives with this violent action. I agree that the most stringent and severe punishment is deserved. I believe that we must build the plane while we fly it. We can't just punish it away. We must address the underlying issues such as poverty and education. This does not mean that we do nothing to punish or even go lightly. Severe punishment is warranted. Without attempting to determine and address root cause, you create an unsustainable system.

  • ABM Feb 12, 2013

    Didn't the Mayor (Bell) want a significant increase in the bail for criminals that used guns, but it was called a bad idea. That is because all the offenders would NOT be able to bail out, and have to stay in jail.. Definition, all the money would stop flowing..

    Increase the bail amount, build an additional jail if you must, somewhere far from the city limits where there is no public transportation access, and the ones locked up don't feel like there in a "home away from home".. I understand the reason for placing the jail downtown, but when I drive by and see all the people just hanging out there, I can see where it becomes this place where you are not afraid to go.

    Face it Durham, the criminals are comfortable in your jail, why else are they there so often.

    As a Durham native, this is not going to get any better, unless you make a drastic change. Mayor Bell, I like what you have done to Durham, it is a far better place now then when I grew up in East Durham (80's and 90's)

  • amenmike Feb 11, 2013

    I pay you pay...didn't happen at Southpoint Mall. Happened across the street.

  • jmrado47 Feb 11, 2013

    Georgia passed the two strikes law because the violent criminals were being released to the streets. If you feel that something needs to be done about the revolving door justice, contact Governor McCrory to put an end to the violent criminals preying on the citizens of this state.

  • issymayake Feb 11, 2013

    Well... mister police chief you need to have a talk with the Durham County judges as to why they won't keep violent repeat felons, and yes even murders, in prison. 68_dodge_polara

    Because they need the bunk space for non-violent drug offenders who caught a mandatory sentence. We have to keep the pot heads off the streets, so to make room the jails release these savages back into the community.
    Crumps Br0ther

    Wow. . I think this is the first time I've agreed with you on anything. #warondrugsisascam

  • Jack Flash Feb 11, 2013

    I've met Kadeem Johnson. This is not surprising.

    When someone brings race up in these discussions, I bristle and prepare myself to respond to insensitive, ignorant comments. I'm pleasantly surprised to find that some commenting on that aspect have stayed away from some of the hateful rhetoric that too often derails such conversations before they start.

  • InTheNo Feb 11, 2013

    "This city, these citizens are not going to tolerate the gun violence on our citizens in Durham. We're just not going to tolerate it," said Durham police Captain Patrice Andrews.

    This does NOT mean that criminals will be prosecuted and kept in prison. It means - here's another reason to keep law abiding citizens from having whatever means necessary to protect themselves.

  • 68_dodge_polara Feb 11, 2013

    Ummmm.... ever served jury duty in Durham county? I have, and more than once, I know exactly what I'm talking about. The problem is that the courts will not keep repeat violent offenders in prison and the police chief and the mayor as usual never address this.

  • Crumps Br0ther Feb 11, 2013

    ..Blame the suspects not the area where it happened.
    February 11, 2013 1:41

    This isn't the first "random act of violence" at that mall.