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Three accused of violating sex offender registration laws

Posted April 2, 2009
Updated April 3, 2009

— Chatham County sheriff's deputies arrested a Moncure man Saturday for violating state laws that forbid registered sex offenders from caring for minors.

James David Nichols, 31, of 497 Forest Lakes Estates, was being held in the Chatham County Jail under a $25,000 secured bond Thursday.

Corrine Oxolins, 54, and Tonya Wilson, 34, both of the same address, also faced charges of allowing the care of a minor in the residence of a sex offender. They were also being held under separate $25,000 bonds.

All three suspects have a first court appearance set for April 27.

Deputies came to Nichols' home at the request of a person who was trying to move out. They spotted a child there and arrested the suspects, investigators said.

According to state Department of Correction records, Nichols was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor in Guilford County in 1999 and of the same charge in Randolph County in 2001. He served a total of about 14 months for both convictions.

Nichols was convicted of attempted second-degree rape in Perquimans County in 2003. He served four years for that charge and another nine months for a post-release violation in 2008.


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  • htomc42 Apr 3, 2009

    Sorry, but that just puts chills down my spine. Putting people on that list who truly don't deserve to be on it, causes the list itself to be devalued, and reduces its ability to protect that "1 child".

    Follow that reasoning to its logical conclusion, and why not just put everyone on it? Why not structure society so that everyone is automatically assumed and treated as a horrible monster? That would have the effect of protecting the children from predators. But it wouldn't protect them from a society not worth living in.

    It's all too easy to go down the "for the children" and "if it saves 1 child" route, as long as YOU aren't the person that is unjustly put on such a list. Your life is over at that point.

  • Thought Criminal WS Apr 3, 2009

    htomc: You're right, but it's impossible to make a point about the validity of the registry if it affects a child negatively or allows the potential for harm to occur. There's a good amount of "morality" defining what is a crime that would result in being an 'offender', and you are 100% correct that teenagers wind up on this list in that exact manner.

    But, if it does protect even 1 child, then it's too bad for the ones who don't belong on the list because that one child is worth it.

  • dohicky Apr 3, 2009

    Yes, the court will probably let them go again. This shows how much NC really cares

  • Drakula_I_G Apr 3, 2009

    Absolute nonsense. That is pure speculation. These criminals should be put away for life, or better yet, institute capital punishment for these crimes.

  • htomc42 Apr 3, 2009

    Be awfully careful with those calls for draconian punishment and eternal persecution of these people. There are unintended consequences to everything. Make it bad enough, and these pedophiles may very well start killing their small victims in order to conceal their crime, if they would get life in prison or death -anyway-, why not?

  • htomc42 Apr 3, 2009

    Unfortunately, the sex abuse register is being increasingly abused for people doing things such as peeing in the woods, teenagers doing what teenagers naturally tend to do, and other ridiculous things. Just because a person is on the register doesn't mean they are a monster. Maybe our legal system will regain a bit of sanity at some point in time, but for now, without knowing the exact nature of the offense, just being on the register doesn't necessarily mean anything.

  • alwaysconcernedmom Apr 3, 2009

    Is anyone really surprised? Once a molestor, always a molestor. All child molestors should be permanently removed from society. What purpose do they serve??? NONE!

  • annemarek Apr 2, 2009

    Sex offenders are dirty nasty people. Most people have no tolerance for them. How many people on the register is not a monster? What is a monster?? If you are a person having sex with a child you are a monster.

  • working for deadbeats Apr 2, 2009

    It's their fault for being on the registry in the first place. People serve longer sentences for writing bad checks to feed their families. Anne is right.

    Life sentence for rape convictions and offenses comitted on children....period.

  • my4cents Apr 2, 2009

    Sex offenders should do life sentences?? Wow, thank goodness you aren't God. Not everyone on the Registry is a monster.