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Third man arrested in store owner's shooting

Posted September 8, 2008

— Goldsboro police have arrested a third man in the shooting of a store owner during a robbery in August.

Police arrested Joshua Earl Devon Davis, 21, of 610 S. Center St., Mount Olive, on Sunday after getting information about where they could find him, they said.

Davis was charged with attempted first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

The charges stem from the robbery and shooting of Ribhi Mohammed Kandeel, the owner of Brookside Mart, 2000 S. Slocumb St.

He was shot while working in his store the night of Aug. 18.

Kandeel was still recovering from his gunshot wound as of Monday.

Police put Davis in the Wayne County Jail under a $1 million secured bond pending his first appearance on Monday.

His arrest was the third in the case. Rashard Vondarius Oliver and Quentin Lamont Kenon were also in the Wayne County Jail under $1 million secured bonds.


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  • meh2 Sep 8, 2008

    Rite of passage. Rights are something else.

  • tryton77 Sep 8, 2008

    Put all three of them to Death... Send a message that It is time to put a stop to this type of behavior.

  • celong Sep 8, 2008

    Death penalty. I can't help it they may be poor, fatherless, on drugs or whatever. Get these criminals off the streets and quit letting them make more babies to follow in their footsteps.

  • somey Sep 8, 2008

    Put them to death and "they" wont do it agian. Eventally the "cancer of society" will understand that this is unacceptable.

  • Bradley07 Sep 8, 2008

    yeah why is it "cruel" to them when they didn't give a cr*p about the person they hurt. I don't think they should get any compassion at all.

  • rlewis Sep 8, 2008

    How about punishment that potential criminals would actually fear? If the other reasons for respecting the lives of innocent citizens isn't enough for them, give them a reason to avoid committing the crimes that they will understand.

    For crimes like murder and attempted murder, I'm in favor of a lengthy prison term in solitary confinement in a *tiny* cell. Something akin to a box. In my opinion, there's nothing "cruel and unusual" that you can do to a convicted attempted murderer.

  • Angel67 Sep 8, 2008

    yeah they wanted to murder.
    there is no value in life anymore for these young people or people period.

  • Ol Forrester Sep 8, 2008

    The only real difference between murder and attempted murder is marksmanship. How about life without the possibility of parole?
    Just a thought...

  • ccs1920 Sep 8, 2008

    Many do consider it a right of passage. It builds up their status, in their circle of friends, and makes them more attractive to the young women.I have tried to help some of these young people without success.

  • pappybigtuna1 Sep 8, 2008

    libs say we can't execute murders or those that attempt murder. We send them to jail so they can be a smarter criminals. None of this is working, I say where ever the store owner was shot, let a marksman shot them in the same place. Sure will give them first hand information on the pain. Do to them what they have done to others.