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Teens suspected in Wake Forest racial graffiti

Posted August 25, 2010

— Wake Forest police said Wednesday that they are seeking juvenile petitions against two teenagers after a neighborhood was spray-painted with racial slurs and other graffiti this weekend.

Police said the suspects are white males. Their names were not released.

A juvenile petition is similar to a criminal complaint against an adult and brings the minor under the purview of the juvenile court system.

Police said that vandals hit the Carriage Run subdivision, off Ligon Mill Road, before dawn Sunday. Racial slurs involving the "N word" and profanity were spray-painted in red on a stop sign and in the roadway of Coach Lantern Avenue and Kemble Drive.

A home, mailboxes and driveways were also spray-painted, and mailboxes were covered with white toilet paper.

Police said they do not believe anybody was specifically targeted.


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  • Desiderata Aug 25, 2010

    reguardless of race..they need to be PROSECUTED and FINED..JAIL TIME IF POSSIBLE...

  • nighttrain2010 Aug 25, 2010

    >>This isn't a free speech issue. You totally missed the mark. This is distruction of private and public property.

    It is when I clearly pointed out in my FIRST post on this issue that the ONLY crime committed here was one of vandalism, destruction of private property, and that what they painted was of no consequence. When I am told that free speech doesn't exist if it offends someone by another poster that concerns me.

  • uknomepopo112 Aug 25, 2010

    it was clearly stated they were "white male" offenders...would this have been the case if they were "black male" offenders...it usually is not... it seems when the victims are black and the offenders are white those facts are clearly published but not when its the other way around...this should be changed...

  • 1 of the original Americans Aug 25, 2010

    children/teens only repeat what the parents teach them.... they should have their parents along side of these teens cleaning and painting this neighborhood!!

  • readme Aug 25, 2010

    This isn't a free speech issue. You totally missed the mark. This is distruction of private and public property. You want free speech, put it on a flyer instead of spraypainting it on the road and the house.

  • soyousay Aug 25, 2010

    night...something about free..I am glad you just found one of Orwell's better novels generally 10th grade

    well, fixing that damage is not free, and free speech does not mean without consequences, and they (or what passes for their parents)are going to pay. It is actually pretty silly to think this has anything to do with PC or anything else than criminal acivity with the added touch of being because they have a twisted sense of self

  • colliedave Aug 25, 2010

    cane their sorry rears

  • mayra0313 Aug 25, 2010

    Twittyfan. I totaly agree with you!!!!

  • nighttrain2010 Aug 25, 2010

    >>When your first ammendment right infringes on the rights of others I could really care less about the right of free speech.

    I realize this is going to come as a shock to those of us that have been brought up in PC world but free speech IS free. As long as I don't put your life at risk (fire in a theater) no words, no matter how offensive were intended to be held as a crime in the eyes of the government. Words can NOT infringe upon yours or anyone elses rights. What is most interesting 20 years ago, one may have heard one curse word on television every blue moon. Today the curse words are bleeped, it's the PC words that might 'offend' someone. Give 1984 a read and focus on Orwell's portrayal of 'Newspeak'. Is that what we as a society want? What should be more concerning is that some 'could care less about the right of free speech' apparently

  • gocanes09 Aug 25, 2010

    They definitely need to be held responsible for the vandalism. Making the punishment more harsh for using the "N" word is asinine. If African American kids spray painted words that are offensive to White, Mexican, or Asian people, would everyone be calling for such a harsh punishment? I doubt it.

    How is the "N" word going to stop being used by people, when African Americans constantly use it to refer to one another. Would you guys be demanding harsher punishment because of the "N" word being used if the vandals had were African American? Probably not, because it's accepted among other African Americans, but you better not let anyone of another race use the term. They will be hate mongers and need to be locked away for life.