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Teen reports being raped in Fayetteville park

Posted June 25, 2012

— A 14-year-old girl told Fayetteville police that she was raped last week on her way home from the library, police said Monday.

The teen said she left the Main Headquarters Library shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday and was walking through Linear Park when a man grabbed her, pulled her into some bushes and raped her, police said. The man fled in the direction of Mason Street, and the girl ran back to the library to call for help.

The assailant is described as white, in his 50s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds. He had short, brown hair, a salt-and-pepper mustache and beard and blue or gray eyes, and he was wearing a gray shirt, dark-colored pants and gray and white shoes.

The incident is the fifth reported rape in Fayetteville in three weeks, but police have said that they don't believe the attacks are related.

Residents who frequent Linear Park say they are surprised to hear of an attack.

"I'm from Los Angeles, so growing up, we were always concerned (about violence)," Jennifer Washington said. "Being in a smaller town, you thought you could let your kids get, maybe, a little further distance from you, but I guess not."

"I can't believe it," John Brewer said. "I've seen a lot in this town. That takes my breath away."

Anyone with information about the assault is asked to call the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1856 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-TIPS (8477).


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  • highcountry Jun 26, 2012

    The problem with fayetteville is that out in the streets there are prostitutes, gang members, and drug dealers in the neighborhoods. Take a drive down Murchison road and dare to even go into one of those back neighborhoods. You'd be lucky to get back out! Look into the woods, back alleys, and behind businesses and there are bumms , and drunkards. There is nowhere safe in that city to be walking alone. Especially for a 14 year old girl!

  • seven74215 Jun 26, 2012

    First my condolences to this young lady. I hope the individual who did this gets their proper punishment.
    Secondly, I'm a grown man and in todays times (and no matter how small a town), I would not go walking through a park alone. Not even in the middle of the day. I've stressed the following so many times to youth that you have to constantly stay alert to stay alive. You've got to think smarter than I had to do growing up fifty years ago. The worlds not the same place anymore. Should you be able to walk through a park or anywhere alone without being attacked, yes you should. However, should you? NO you should not. Not alone anyway. Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and we have to do things we normally would not do. Most of the time though, a little preplanning will eliminate the bulk of those situations from ever happening. Once again to this young lady, you have my sympathy for what happened. Stay strong!

  • Lady Marksman Jun 25, 2012

    At what age is a girl "safe" to walk home alone at night?? In my opionion, never. Please learn to protect yourself. There are a lot of self-defense classes. Don't be a victim.

  • beaulahjackson4 Jun 25, 2012

    I am so glad that the young girl got away with her life and was able to get back in the library for help. I've read other posters opinion on this but there's no way I would let my 14 year old (male or female) walk home at 8 pm in Fayetteville, especially after so many rapes have recently been reported in that area. I hope they catch this guy (and the one(s) that are from prior rapes reported). My prayers are with this young lady in her emotional & physical recovery.

  • storchheim Jun 25, 2012

    Having been at the wrong end of a gun at night myself, I commend this brave, smart girl for getting a good look at her attacker. If she's reading, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Every girl and woman who stands up and comes forward as you have done helps all girls and women; I wish the act could be undone, but know that your courage cannot be taken from you. He skulks in the shadows, while your light shines.

  • loveapex Jun 25, 2012


    I did find this site stating, Of the 90,427 forcible rapes reported in 2007, 40% were cleared by arrest or "exceptional means" (FBI, 2008d) with 23,307 of those being arrests (FBI, 2008b)....

    BUT - if you read the rest of the information it does not say this means they are false allegations - the accused may have died, the victim may not testify, and there must be enough evidence. None of those stipulations have anything to do with a false allegation.

    Read the webpage for "degrees of untrue" and stats ranging from 6-15%.

  • michaelclay Jun 25, 2012

    @ Angry one, you really didn't read this did you?

  • Bellar1 Jun 25, 2012

    And this wasn't really at night-- 8PM this time of year is hardly dark. What a shame.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jun 25, 2012

    turbo08 - "40% of rape claims are legit."

    Where'd you get those stats?

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jun 25, 2012

    superman - "...when will people realize and understand it is not safe for anyone to be out alone day or night anywhere--male or female--young or old."

    You realize you just eliminated all times when someone could go anywhere - the doctor, the grocery store, etc.