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Teen driver dies in Edgecombe County crash

Posted June 14, 2011

— A 17-year-old girl died in a crash early Tuesday after she turned in front of a truck in Edgecombe County, according to troopers.

Camille Snyder, of Greenville, was by herself in an SUV when she turned in front of truck driver Charles Short Jr. of Delaware, who T-boned the girl's vehicle, troopers said.

The crash happened around 1 a.m. on North Fountain Road near Pinetops.

Short was taken to Heritage Hospital in Tarboro, and the extent of his injuries was unknown. He does not face any charges, troopers said.

Snyder was wearing her seat belt, but authorities said they believe alcohol might have been a factor in her crash.

At least five local teens have died in crashes in the past few weeks.

Teen driver dies in Edgecombe County crash Teen driver dies in Edgecombe County crash

A spokeswoman for Pitt County Schools said Snyder had attended D. H. Conley High School as recently as the 2009-10 school year. 


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  • Firefly01 Jun 14, 2011

    babedan: if you read what i wrote, i didnt say i lied to my parents, i said i did things im sure they wouldnt approve of. I have always told my the truth and they have never "failed " me. Some people learn from making mistakes, they are called life lessons, if you did every thing your parents told you would not learn those things.. i was always told " i will not get mad at you if you tell me the truth, no matter how bad it is but if you lie to me it will be 10 times worse" So i have Always had that respect for my parents ,thank you. my point from the post before, obviously you missed, was that kids/teens are going to do what they want to one way or the other. its just very unfortunate that sometimes it ends this way.

  • sig Jun 14, 2011

    Here's the problem. you are making assumptions based on very little facts available to you. You are assuming she did not have strict guidelines. How do you know this. I know differently. How dare you come to your libelous conclusions. They said the same as me? All I have said here is that you people do not know the facts..none of them.

    BABEDAN: You obviously have no kids if you think a child will not lie if they respect the parents. And where did you learn that any lies were told in the first place. Again, ill advised conclusions based on minimal info. I am through communicating with you here. We will deal with your libelous comments in another manner.

  • babedan Jun 14, 2011

    megan, if you didn't tell your parents the truth, then your parents failed IMO. Sorry, but if you don't have enough respect for your parents to tell them the truth then they failed you somewhere down the line. Yes, I told my parents the truth, the consequences were too much if I didn't. So they knew where I was going and what time I should be home. At least until I was 18. After that my dad said I was old enough to make my own decisions. And yes that was after I graduated from High School.

  • njacobs317 Jun 14, 2011

    I truly believe if the drivers education program were revised a bit as to where more time could be spent bebind the wheel and a mandatory program to do a ride along with the local fire and rescue to see first hand just what kind of gruesome scenes they experience it may wake these kids up a bit, To do a ride along only takes a parents permission, it may encourage them to become a part of the fire and rescue team.

  • Firefly01 Jun 14, 2011

    it is very sad to hear about another young teen dying in a motor vechile accident..and its sad to read some things on here.
    We all have to realize when we get in our cars and drive around every day we are taking our lifes, and the lifes of others into our hands. I do not have children, but i know how i was a a teenager a few years ago. Teenagers do not always tell their parents the truth about what they are doing. its not the parents fault, i know i did things my parents wouldnt approve of. but my parents had done every thing in their power to teach me right from wrong. but it was up to Me to choose to do the right thing.
    again its sad to read of another teenager loosing their life in a car accident, but there is always a side to the story that you do not know, and we shouldnt jump to conclusions on that.

  • jody4663 Jun 14, 2011

    For the life of me, I can not understand why a 17 year old would be out driving at 1:00 AM. PARENTS, Please wake up!

  • babedan Jun 14, 2011

    michelle - that is the problem with today's society, they don't want what is real. When real happens they want to cover it up. It's time that we make things real again, show the kids the truth, what does it mean when you drive 120 MPH and you don't know how to handle a car yet, what happens when you drink and drive, who it affects and how it affects others. But know people want to keep putting it on the back burner and don't want the responsibility of being the bad guy. Don't tell me I don't know, I've raised my son, I taught him right from wrong and I put curfews on him. Guess what he had friends hurt in accidents but he was able to avoid them. Also, he knew if he was going to be late he was to call home, let us know where he was when he would be home and how he was coming home. Those were the rule and if broke them he lost his keys. That simple. Today's parents don't want that responsibility. It's time they realize it is their responsibility if they want it or not.

  • michellewright35 Jun 14, 2011

    I agree Sig. I think the problem is the people making these insensitive comments have not been affected by these situations and maybe if they were they would not be so quick to be so insensitive. True some of these situations couldve been prevented but the fact remains it has happened and it is tragic and not deserved for them or their families.

  • delilahk2000 Jun 14, 2011


  • MzBoogie Jun 14, 2011

    if she had strick guidelines this as well as all the rest in
    recent times- would not have happened.....

    Ok "thought", strick guidelines do not help when the teen sneaks out. I'm not saying that this was the case in this situation, I'm just saying in general. I feel sorry for the parents for their loss. I don't care how much we try to teach our children, they have to make their own mistakes and learn from them. All we can do is teach them, love them and pray they will learn from our teaching, if we taught them right in the first place. It's hard to loose a loved one, especially when its a child. My prayers go out to all parents of the recent tragedies.