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Teaching assistant faces indecent liberties charges

Posted April 7, 2009

— Police on Tuesday charged a teacher’s assistant at Zebulon Middle School with taking indecent liberties with a student.

Travis Montague, 21, of 3817 Beagle Drive in Wendell, was charged with two counts each of taking indecent liberties with a student and taking indecent liberties with a child.

The charges stem from two alleged incidents during the past two weeks at Zebulon Middle involving a 14-year-old girl, police said.

Montague resigned his position with the Wake County school system last Friday, school district spokesman Michael Evans said.He had worked for the district for about a year.


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  • tibbs29 Apr 9, 2009

    now I meant "whether" not "weather" in my last comment. There are too many women and men in this world that you limit yourself to choosing to mess around with someone where you work at, especially with a minor/student. This young 21 year old male had no right to do what he did. Stop blaming the child. It's truly sad to see that people are always making excuses for the perpetrator. If he was interested in a relationship he goes out in the world and find someone his appropriate age and status. He was employee there for about a year and he apparently got too comfortable and put himself in this high risk situation. He has no one else to blame but himself.

  • tibbs29 Apr 9, 2009

    okay okay this is the deal..It absolutely does not matter what the 14 year old did, said, or looks like. You are employeed at that school and ALL students are off limits regardless of age weather the students are 14 or 18 if you are working at a high school or college. You do not fraternize with students period. He violated that and with a minor.. Big mistake!! Wrong Wrong Wrong

  • due_whats_right Apr 8, 2009

    CRBT, well said! I work in a school with middle and high school kids and let me tell you, they are worlds away from where we were as teenagers. First, they don't look their age or act their age and there is more on their minds than the 3R's. Their conversations range from having babies (not speaking of any form of marriage, of course) to rainbow parties and getting high. In the last week alone, there have been two cases of teenages with marijuana on them or being under the influence at school! I have seen young ladies approach men about what they want them to do. So, let's not just crucify this man before we get the facts. Young ones are not always the most honest people, especially when they are ticked off or their little booties are on the line. If he is wrong, may he be punished to the fullist, but if not, let's punish this young lady before she lies on another young man. These are serious allegations.....may the REAL truth come out!

  • MEME1180 Apr 7, 2009

    What are the qualificaitons of a TA?? I wonder if they are the same for teachers at our daycares, NADA.


  • annemarek Apr 7, 2009

    This article makes me angry. It proves that with our mouths we claim to love our kids but in reality we have very little respect for our kids. Put your money where your mouth is. We do not need to have all sorts of fancy equipment but caring nurturing people that create enthusiasm for learning. This 21 year of man does not have those qualifications.
    Anyway he is male and looks healthy. There are also girls who act like you know what’s. They will flirt and do all sorts of things to a make is barely an adult.

  • texasncgirl Apr 7, 2009

    I can't say that I'm surprised. I've known this guy since I was in kindergarden all the way up to high school. He was a very obnoxious troublemaker who had no care in the world for anyone but himself..he would listen to no one even after being reprimanded several times by the principal for terrorizing people (including me). He was more "advanced" in 5th grade (from rumours of course) then anyone should be by the end of high school. I haven't the slightest clue as to how he of all people was able to get a teaching assistant job. He never made it out of high school! It is disheartening to hear of adults taking advantage of teenagers..

  • mom2five Apr 7, 2009

    tell me this doesnt suck. one more TA down and a hiring freeze. whats the world to do.

  • crbtmsbjd Apr 7, 2009

    Let's not be quick to judge someone by an allegation....No child should be touched inappropriatley by an adult but in the world we live in so many teens use allegations of these sorts to pratically ruin careers and it's not until later they regret things they have said or done. People have been forced out of a job because of allegations from teens that were angry or upset because they were rejected by the person they had a "crush" on? Think about the society today and how some young teens can easily get there minds wrapped around the way they want soemthing to be and when it doesn't go their way innocent people have a price to pay.... If he's guilty then let him be punished....but before we quickly judge the person let's wait and see how much of the truth comes to light...

  • due_whats_right Apr 7, 2009

    Beachbum - do you understand how little the TA's make? No person with a fam could afford to work this job other than a young person. Most of the TA's in my school are under 25 years of age- some college students, some high school grads.

  • beachbum1 Apr 7, 2009

    Why would this 21 year old man be a teachers assistant anyway?