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Suspect in school bus stop kidnapping, rape: 'It looks like I'm a monster, and I'm not'

Posted January 24
Updated January 25

— DNA evidence led authorities to charge a 39-year-old Haw River man Monday with abducting a girl from a Mebane school bus stop last fall and sexually assaulting her.

Greg Daniel Overman, of 128 Second St., was charged with felony statutory rape of a child by an adult and felony statutory sex offense with a child by an adult, according to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office.

Overman was initially jailed under a $75,000 bond, but a judge raised the bond to $200,000 during a Tuesday afternoon court hearing.

Alamance County District Attorney Pat Nadolski sought a $1 million bond, calling Overman a threat to the public and to himself. Nadolski said that Overman had tried to kill himself in jail early Tuesday.

"It looks like I'm a monster, and I'm not," a sobbing Overman said in court. "I didn't do this. It wasn't like this."

An 11-year-old girl was waiting for a school bus on Oct. 11 when a man kidnapped her. She said he drove her to an area near the Orange County line and sexually assaulted her. Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said he wasn't sure how the girl got away, but she was eventually able to flag down a passing driver, who took her back to the bus stop where she spoke with deputies.

The Alamance County Sheriff's Office said the FBI helped crack the case by expediting the analysis of the DNA samples from a rape kit. The findings came back last week and matched Overman, whose DNA was already on file.

Overman's previous criminal record included six other felony convictions and other misdemeanors dating to 1995, Johnson said.

"When you got a man with six past felony convictions and I don't know how many misdemeanor convictions that has had sex with an 11-year-old, he should never see daylight, in my opinion," Johnson said at a news conference.

Deputies had to go to 10 different residences to find Overman on Monday, Nadolski said.

Investigators are now looking at his cellphone records and are trying to find the vehicle used in the kidnapping, where authorities say at least some of the sex crimes happened.

Overman admitted to having sex with the girl but claimed they had a prior relationship, Nadolski said, but there's no other evidence to support that.


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  • Ileana Bryan Jan 25, 2017
    user avatar

    Wait, that's it...$200k bond?! But I just read on another WRAL story a 19yr. old is being held on $2.5 million bond for string of robberies. What's wrong with this picture?!

  • Raleigh Rose Jan 25, 2017
    user avatar

    You raped an 11 year old child. It doesn't matter what you say your 'prior relationship' was. An 11 year old is a CHILD and cannot give consent. You are a monster, there is no excuse for this. Case closed.

  • Janet Ghumri Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    What kind of "prior relationship" could he have had with an eleven year old??
    If he was ever left alone with this child, I would seriously look into the circumstances, and also look at the home life situation. (I'm not implying anything against the parents /guardians, but if one child was endangered, there's a possibility of others, in the family or community). With his (adult) criminal record beginning around 17/18 years old, there could be other victims within the family / community.
    Prayers for the little girl, and her family. I hope she is getting the support she needs. So sad

  • Glenda Hightower Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    What a disgusting monster this man is. He had a "prior relationship" with an 11 year old?? What a sicko. I agree with Mr. Johnson. He should never see daylight.

  • Linda Tally Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    Contrary to what the man believes, I think he IS a monster.

  • Norman Lewis Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    Child molesters used to have a hard time in prison. Now, they usually just lie about why they are there and make up a story about how someone "lied about me" and got them arrested for some other reason. It would be really bad for him if the regular population inmates found out why he is really there. In the old days, he never would have made it to trial.

  • Salatheal Hasty Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    Put him in general population...He'll find plenty of love there!!!

  • Renee Warren Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    And this is EXACTLY the very reason why I teach kids practical self defense and how to use their head, to do their best to avoid any type of predator. And I also hope that some of my teachings as a martial artist sink in so that my students will grow up to NOT be like this perp. Best thing a parent can do is have a serious talk w/ their kids (of certain age) letting them know that criminals do walk among us. And for those interested in their personal safety, take up self defense training.

  • Wayne Smith Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    Listen very carefully I have very close friends who are lawyers, Pi's and policemen. They all agree the SO registry needs to be reformed. They are diluting it's effectiveness by putting TOO MANY

  • Wayne Smith Jan 24, 2017
    user avatar

    I know people who are involved in the SO registry from the law enforcement side. They say it needs to be reformed. They are spending too much time administrating and following non-violent misdemeanors, that are being put on there by over aggressive DA's. LE says the SO registry should be reserved for true felonious predators who are rapists and pedophiles, NOT stupid immature teenagers.

    This guy was probably on their radar but they were spending too much time on Johnny teenager who sent an inappropriate selfie of his ex girlfriend to another friend. Now, all three are on the registry while no one is watching Overman full time. I have written my representatives to reform the registry to just include: rapists, predators and pedophiles, not teenage Johnny Dumbace. BTW most of the people on the registry offenses did not involve children, that's a nugget that is misrepresented as well.