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Suit over ex-superintendent's alleged affair dismissed

Posted February 11, 2009

— A lawsuit alleging former Lee County School Superintendent James McCormick had a two-year affair with a married woman has been dismissed.

The reason for the dismissal was unclear.

Sherrill Normann Jr. had been seeking monetary damages in the alienation-of-affection suit. He alleged that McCormick, who resigned last June amid rumors of "immoral conduct," had an affair with Margaret Dossenbach Normann for at least two years.

Margaret Normann is a Lee County teacher, according to the suit.

Sherrill Normann said in the suit he was humiliated by the affair, which "irretrievably damaged and destroyed" his marriage.


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  • imacarrot Feb 12, 2009

    Come on people, read the story before you comment. The man who sued is the husband of the woman who cheated. He sued her lover, the superintendent.

  • Sunkist Feb 12, 2009

    He distroyed his on relationship. He knew he was married, come on now..How we wanna blame someone else for our wrong doing.

  • clintoflannagan Feb 12, 2009

    Actually there's lots of reasons this case was dismissed and many of them don't have anything to do with a Judge. The parties may have settled the case. In that instance the plaintiff would file a dismissal and a Judge wouldn't be involved. Often those types of dismissals are accompanied by confidentiality agreements that prevent the parties from discussing the terms of the settlement.

    Or, the plaintiff may have decided not to pursue the case any further. In that instance the plaintiff would file a dismissal and a Judge wouldn't be involved.

    Even if a Judge is involved in the dismissal it is often the case that the Judge's reasons for a dismissal are not specifically set forth in the dismissal papers. It may just read "after hearing the evidence the Judge grants the motion to dismiss."

    So there's lots of potential things going on here that would make it very difficult for WRAL to report on exactly what happened.

  • Joe Schmoe Feb 12, 2009

    "The reason for the dismissal was unclear."

    Come on, News Media. Isn't it your job to dig a little and find out the facts of the stories you report on? The one thing that is certain is that no judge dismisses a case without giving a reason. The info is there if you go look for it.

    How about a little investigative reporting here? This is supposed to be what you get excited about...

  • any1butcarolina0405 Feb 12, 2009

    ew gross, either the woman was looking for more than a relationship (sexual) or her husband is REAAALLLY ugly, i wouldn't cheat, but if i was... it wouldn't be with an old man! and that's it for my valley girl-esque comment thank you.

  • exwife1956 Feb 12, 2009

    He is the one that destroyed his marriage. Did he think an affair was gonna help his marriage?

  • commonsensical Feb 11, 2009

    Probably dismissed because evidence would show that SHE pursued HIM. To win, an attorney would have to prove that HE was the one that seduced her.