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State worker retires after refusing to honor Jesse Helms

Posted July 9, 2008

— A state worker who worked 29 years for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture decided this week to retire instead of lowering a flag to honor the late former Sen. Jesse Helms.

L.F. Eason III, 51, told his laboratory staff not to fly the U.S. flag or North Carolina flag at half-staff, despite a call from Gov. Mike Easley to do so.

When Eason's supervisor confronted him about the decision, he said he would rather retire, Brian Long, a spokesman with the Department of Agriculture, said.

Eason could still face some type of disciplinary action, Long said, but the nature of the action was never determined because he voluntarily said he was going to retire.

Eason told The News & Observer of Raleigh that he did not think it was appropriate to remember Helms because of his opposition to civil rights legislation and the national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.


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  • pingmanreturns Jul 10, 2008

    Just look at the news headlines and tell me that Jesse was wrong.

  • Eduardo1 Jul 10, 2008

    bye-bye, and enjoy your retirement. You worked for the State and were given an official directive. Fortunately under our system you have a right to disagree, but you are also obliged to follow direct orders.

  • iamforjustice Jul 10, 2008

    If we all would put down our morals and ideologies on how others should live and just say...I love you...this would be a much better world in which we live in. There are too many mean spirited people in this world. We can all learn from Jesse. His views, principals, etc separates people. Look how it is causing us on here to hate eachother. Jesse is dead but his mean spirit lives on. Let's all get along please people. I dont want our kids growing up hating someone because of the color of someones skin, who he or she goes to bed with or because someone doesn't come from America. Sheesh

  • daMoFo Jul 10, 2008

    Jesse Helms was not a racist. Period.

    Calling conservatives racists is a cover used by someone when they cannot effectively counter someone's ideas. When liberals cannot refute conservative ideas, they resort to calling conservatives racists.

  • Sumo Vita Jul 10, 2008

    MomOf3: Don't confuse your OPINION of what values ought to be, with undisputed moral imperatives. It's been my experience that those most in favor of forcing their alleged "values" down everybody else's throats are often the hypocrites most in transgression of these. Here, indulge yourself with Congressman Westmoreland and his 10 commandments:


  • smartmissa Jul 10, 2008

    Conservative- someone's level of education has absolutely nothing to do with knowing racism and sexism are wrong.

  • smartmissa Jul 10, 2008

    So anyone and everyone deserves respect until the Conservatives disagree with them? Is that how it works?

  • smartmissa Jul 10, 2008

    I'm a little confused by all of the "respect him even if you don't agree with him" followed by the insults to Liberals. Its one thing to argue your point, that he should be honored by everyone no matter thier views, its another to insult an entire group of people in the process. Rather hypocritical if you ask me.

  • momof3inNC Jul 10, 2008

    So if your at work, your boss gives you an order, and you say NO because you don't like the person it deals with...that is okay??? WOW! How do you keep a job? I agree with TAXMAN. He disobeyed his superior he should be punished.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Jul 10, 2008

    Tax Man
    We're all touched at your blind devotion to the pre-civil rights mentality. It's that way of thinking that blocks the cycle of growth for all Americans. If I remember correctly, it was blood sacrifice that guarantees our Constitutional and civil rights. I don't agree with how he dealt with the (so called) "order" but his choice was valid.