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State Troopers Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Raleigh Man

Posted June 2, 2007

— A preliminary investigation has cleared four North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers of a shooting that killed a Raleigh man last month.

Authorities said Stephen Ryan Gibson, 23, robbed a Duplin County convenience store and then led troopers on a high-speed chase spanning several counties.

Troopers said they saw Gibson moving between the front seat and back seat and that he climbed out of the passenger side with his torso showing and displaying a weapon.

Investigators said the troopers and a Wake County sheriff's deputy then shot and killed Gibson.

Trooper P. E. Holmes, First Sgt. J. D. Henderson, Trooper D. C. Pate, Trooper L. B. Lovick and Deputy Robert S. Cook, were placed on administrative duty while the State Bureau of Investigation looked into what happened before and during the incident.

Cook is still on leave while the Wake County Sheriff's Office waits to hear from the SBI.


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  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jun 3, 2007

    Very well put Major

  • MajorLeagueinfidel Jun 2, 2007

    What nobody wants to talk about is the stress the Officers and their wives/families are put through...wondering if they could have done something differant..dealing with taking another human's life...humans aren't by nature killers and it can damage someone's psyche to be forced to do so and then questioned for having to do it. He shouldn't have had a gun, he shouldn't have robbed someone, he shouldn't have refused to stop, he shouldn't have led the police on a chase, he shouldn't have refused to exit the vehicle, he shouldn't have pointed a gun toward the police and he should have been shot and killed. Justice was carried out just as we ask our police to do.

  • littleredwolfie Jun 2, 2007

    I am very glad that the troopers were cleared of any wrongdoing. I hope that the decision on Deputy Cook is forthcoming. Steve Cook is a stand-up guy and all of these officers were only doing their jobs.

    My question to you, Tyrone, is where did you read that??? I never saw that in any story. Let me ask you something...if someone came at you with a weapon, would you just stand there and wait around until something happened??? I don't think so!!!

  • superdad412 Jun 2, 2007

    Here's another suggestion...
    Why don't all you thugs hold each other hostage and kill one thug every 15 minutes until "the man" complies with your wishes not to be "disrespected" during the commission of your crimes.

  • superdad412 Jun 2, 2007

    tell.the.truth.and.run ..."Thugs deserving respect"... Very funny!!!

    Hey, isn't that an oxymoron? Speaking of "morons" and "thugs" (synonymous)If there are any potentials out there reading this I would suggest you shoot yourself, or better yet each other. That way you don't have to be "disrespected by the man" and you can meet your maker riding a wave of martydom.

  • true american Jun 2, 2007

    Just another thug, We need to get back to some old time justice. Used to be that if you steal a mans horse he could hang you ..no questions asked now my truck has at lead 355 horses under the hood , how many times can I shoot a thug that trys to steal it............well thugs try and we'll see.

  • tell.the.truth.and.run Jun 2, 2007

    Thugs deserving respect is only for rap songs and bad movies. This is reality, where thugs deserve so much worse than they end up with most of the time.

  • Hip-Shot Jun 2, 2007

    "I thought the N&O said that both Wake-Med and the officers showed the young man disrespect..."

    I'm sure he showed the lady that he held at gunpoint and robbed disrespect as well. Furthermore, I bet if he came out with his hands in the air after they forced him to stop, the disrespect for him might not be a concern.

  • ncst8man1999 Jun 2, 2007

    Hey Will, if we should not chase them, tell us what to do -- just let anyone go that commits an armed robbery because they won't stop? At what point do things change? When are people going to stop blaming law enforcement and start holding the criminals responsible?

  • Steve Crisp Jun 2, 2007

    I'm kinda surprised that the HP chased the guy also. You would think that their helicopters would be equipped with missles by now. They could have just cleared a section of I-40 and blown him up while he was driving.

    If you get tough with people who run from blue lights, then they will no longer run. Just corner them and open fire. Who cares if they are armed with a hand weapon or not; their vehicle is a weapon in itself.