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State orders Robeson shelter to stop euthanizing animals

Posted January 13, 2011

— State regulators have ordered the Robeson County Animal Shelter to stop euthanizing animals after a live puppy was found dumped at a nearby landfill.

The Animal Welfare Section of the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services also imposed a $2,000 civil penalty for the shelter's actions.

Lori Baxter, the shelter's manager, told state inspectors last month that the facility's veterinarian gave the puppy a sedative instead of a lethal injection while euthanizing several animals, according to state records. The vet was pressing his hand against the animals to determine whether they were breathing and so didn't accurately determine that the puppy was dead, Baxter said.

Animal advocates have expressed concern for years about the shelter's euthanasia practices.

The shelter has five days to appeal the order.


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  • ashmeadestables Jan 14, 2011

    Does anyone know what happened to the puppy? I agree that a 2nd chance at life is merited and can take it to foster if needed!

  • jseyler Jan 14, 2011

    I watched the “disturbing” video in tears. I’m glad Robeson County has changed from the heartstick to the euthanasia, but it still seems that there is a long way to go. People need to wake up, realize that this is something that can be stopped and claim responsibility for their pets!
    I saw the comments regarding the whereabouts of the puppy – is there any way to confirm if it was actually euthanized? That puppy is a survivor and one would think it earned a 2nd chance to have a long and happy life!

    Readytogo – AMEN!

  • luvmyjackrascal Jan 14, 2011

    SPAY & NEUTER! We can put a stop to these animals having to suffer beyond belief.

  • Lets Go Pirates. Jan 14, 2011

    OMG....so the poor scared, freezing puppy was found alive in the land field then taken back to the shelter to be killed? Makes me SICK! Can you imagine the fear and terror this poor puppy felt? People really make me SICK and we all should be ashamed of the way we allow animals to be treated. We need to fight for their rights. Too bad spay/neutering couldn’t be made law!

  • MitziGaynor Jan 14, 2011

    luvmyjackrascal: Agreed. Actually, seeing as we support these people maybe they should send some of the appropriates strays there as pet therapy, they work the roads, maybe they should work on their compassion and the new word for 2011 "civility".

  • MitziGaynor Jan 14, 2011

    boogerntcsmom: Your are a very sweet person. Well wishes.

  • april65 Jan 14, 2011

    Otherwise, your taxes will pay to keep them alive in a shelter!!

    I would rather my tax money be used to keep these animals alive then the animals that occupy our prisons.

    I sure wish golo had a like button. Cause I like this comment.

  • luvmyjackrascal Jan 14, 2011

    I would rather my tax money be used to keep these animals alive then the animals that occupy our prisons.


  • JennyN Jan 14, 2011


    I agree!

  • freedomrings Jan 14, 2011

    This shelter has been under scrutiny for some time regarding their euthanasia and animal care practices. The real key is for people to spay and neuter their pets. More awareness concerning surrendering an animal to a shelter. Many, many times the animal is dead by the time you get to your car. By law, stray animals picked up and brought in by animal control must be held for 72 hours, owners surrenders are last on the totem pole, so room must be made for the strays somehow. Yes, the shelter is not a good IMO, but the blame should be with the people who do not spay and neuter their pets and those who drop them off at the shelter.

    Also, Wake County Animal Control has a wonderful low cost spay and neuter program. http://www.spcawake.org/site/PageServer?pagename=We_believe