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State investigating defunct Raleigh eatery

Posted October 14, 2008
Updated October 15, 2008

— The North Carolina Department of Labor is investigating complaints against the owners of an upscale Raleigh restaurant.

Prime Only Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, 505 W. Jones St., closed unexpectedly earlier this month. Several workers say previous pay checks bounced and they are owed money.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that it have received six complaints from former employees.

A lawyer for the majority owner of the corporation that owns the restaurant business, Richard Bryant, told WRAL News that the bad economy forced the restaurant to shut down and that there was no money left. The restaurant did not own the property in the Powerhouse Square complex.


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  • ncweddingdj.com Oct 15, 2008

    Hiding behind cleverly worded "law" is no way to present an honest, honorable business or outlook to potential investors. The Prime folks are plain old crooks, preying on the public, their own employees, their customers, their investors to spread the blame like cheap restaurant Mayo. Just bizness.

  • IceCreamMan Oct 15, 2008

    The most galling fact about this is that Rick Bryant is LOADED. 6 grand means nothing to him, yet now he has dragged his associates thru the mud and left his clients wondering about the integrity of the guy who runs their investments. Sad.

  • no contest Oct 15, 2008

    As a business owner for many years it really annoys me when I see other business owners that don’t pay their bills, taxes or employees. I have never bounced a check in my personal or business life. All my bills and employees get paid. If you run a business and you cannot manage your money properly then please quit and go get a job where you can hide in the corner and not cheat or deceive people with your ignorance. And please don’t go work for the government as enough of you are already there. If you own another successful business then be a man and pay the people that you owe money.

  • IceCreamMan Oct 15, 2008

    Rick Bryant is gonna regret letting this drag out. This can't be helping customers' confidence in Capital Investments.