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Some Wake school schedules to shift for better busing

Posted March 20, 2013

— Schedules at 17 Wake County schools will be shifted to improve arrival times for bused students, the school board said Wednesday.

The Board of Education on Tuesday approved recommendations from the transportation staff to shift the bell schedules for the schools, saying most will change by less than 20 minutes.

The shift is an effort to improve busing times, which have been widely criticized by parents since the start of the school year. District offices received hundreds of emails from parents in August and September about bused students arriving late, not being dropped off at their assigned stops and getting home several hours after the school day ended.

Administrators acknowledged the busing problems were the result of cutbacks, and they scrambled to fix routes, hire drivers and put about three dozen buses back on the road.

The majority of Wake County’s 169 schools will be unaffected by the changes approved Tuesday. The schools with schedule adjustments are:

• Apex Elementary School
• Apex Middle School
• Centennial Magnet Middle School
• Davis Drive Elementary School
• Davis Drive Middle School
• East Garner Middle School
• Enloe High School
• Green Magnet Elementary School
• Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy
• Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy
• Leesville Road Middle School
• Lufkin Road Middle School
• Moore Square Magnet Middle School
• Wake N.C. State STEM Early College High School
• Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School
• Vandora Springs Elementary School
• Walnut Creek Elementary School


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  • whatelseisnew Mar 21, 2013

    "I really hope that the high schools students can get on the buses later than earlier"

    The high school students are older, many of them drive themselves. I would have them operate on the earliest schedule. The very youngest kids would be on the later schedule. If that gives anyone a schedule problem with work, they need to figure it out.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 21, 2013

    Time to break up this system in to separate districts. Make smaller districts and bus only within those districts. That will cut down on rider time. Course we should stop expanding this system and provide money for other education venues. That would be cheaper and far better.

  • RALEIGHNATIVE25 Mar 21, 2013

    I really hope that the high schools students can get on the buses later than earlier and where is the new schedule? Shouldn't you have that ready when you make this kind of change? Especially so parents can move their kids if needed :0)

  • Honesty first Mar 20, 2013

    Let's see if we can start High School earlier. That way the kids would not even have to go to bed.

  • AmazedAtThis Mar 20, 2013

    This has always been about inappropriately managed growth. Build, Build, Build more houses....infrastructure, who needs it? All the noise over the past 2 - 3 years about choice and neighborhood schools was primarily political grandstanding for other purposes, as evidenced by the launch of statewide office runs by those Republican backed BOE folks.

    You can thank The Wake County & NC Homebuilders Association lobbyists, former Cary mayor Glen Lang, and others for the explosion of new home growth accompanied by little to no real impact fees for new schools and other basic infrastructure. Build more neighborhood schools, you say? Where? Find suitable property now that doesn't cost a fortune.

    The developers won, hands down. The root cause all along has been crazy fast growth with no broad based mechanism to fund new schools, roads, etc., fast enough.

  • stevemoore3262 Mar 20, 2013

    Build more schools in neighborhoods....what ? That cost money ?
    Yes, it does....but Wake Cty. is spending over $50,000 a DAY to run busses, drivers, maintenance, fuel. 180 days in a school year, that`s $9 million a year. Could some of this bus money be used to build neighborhood schools or am I dreaming ?

  • Fireflies Rock Mar 20, 2013

    not going to tell us what the new bell schedule will be, just that it's changing?

  • mpheels Mar 20, 2013

    pappybigtuna1, that's amazing. My grandfather rode the bus to/from school in the 1920's. Must have been a time machine that really transported him to 1950's desegregated schools.

  • peppercorns Mar 20, 2013

    what you need is more buses and more bus drivers. Send the students to school in split sessions, with the high schools going in the earliest. Stop the ecomonic doversity bussing and allow students to goto school in their own neighborhoods.....maybe if the buses didn't have to go so far, it wouldn't take so long. duh.

  • Nancy Mar 20, 2013

    "My son is in HS and his bus comes at 6:17am and gets to the school at 6:40. The students are not allowed "off" the bus until 6:55."

    I don't know why the driver starts so early either, but when I drove, my high school route was so long I had to pick up the first student at 6am and we got to school just a few minutes before being allowed off the bus at 7am. Then my middle school route always ran late getting to school because of the traffic/route I had - without fail. Constant nightmare.