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Six charged with robbing NCSU student

Posted November 7, 2013

— Six people were arrested Thursday in connection with the robbery of a North Carolina State University student a week ago, campus police said.

Police said several men approached the student in the parking lot of E.S. King Village near the intersection of Gorman and Jackson streets on Oct. 31. They assaulted the student and took his cellphone and other personal items before fleeing on foot down Jackson Street away from campus.

E.S. King Village is an apartment complex serving juniors, seniors, graduate students, students with families, post-doctoral students, visiting faculty and scholars at N.C. State.

Campus police canvassed nearby neighborhoods and posted checkpoints along with Raleigh police, which they said developed evidence that led to Thursday's arrests.

Wanya Malik Whitley, 17, and Joclyn Lenee Mosby, 16, both of 4224 Kaplan Drive, and Camden Thomas Seymour, 16, of 718 Atwater St., were charged with robbery. Seymour also was charged with assault and trespassing, and Whitley also was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and trespassing.

Three juveniles also will be charged with robbery in the case, and one of them will be charged with assault as well, police said.

Investigators said they haven't found evidence linking any of the six to an Oct. 29 robbery of another N.C. State student near Carmichael Gym.


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  • yoowho Nov 8, 2013

    Lock up the whole gang and try as adults. Even the most ignorant perpetrator knows wrong form right, and mugging someone is wrong.

  • Billy the Kid Nov 8, 2013

    Where are the good Revs?

  • bemeredithgirl Nov 7, 2013

    Well done!

  • lwe1967 Nov 7, 2013

    Try them all as adults. They knew that it was wrong and they sure wouldn't want that to happen to him.

  • wkropnick Nov 7, 2013

    Nice work RPD. Very nice.

  • resia411 Nov 7, 2013

    @rsgolo "give you a break!", this is what's wrong with the laws in this country. Too many have been given a break, that's why there are so many mass killings. Some kids get in trouble constantly and is given a pat on the back. Next thing you know they're in a school or mall killing innocent people and children.

  • becauseisaidso Nov 7, 2013

    Soon the parents of the criminals will "Demand Answers" as to why the college student made himself such an easy target. Just maybe the college student "set" them up.

  • gnewsome1 Nov 7, 2013

    Oh well. Here we go again. A bunch of punks thinking that they are entitled to rob someone else instead of actually working for their money. I hope all of them are charged to the maximum extent of the law.

  • 678devilish Nov 7, 2013

    unless it is inside a locked compartment in your vehicle.

    Many do know that, but choose to do what they want to do, until caught. A good comment.

  • i am the beast i worship Nov 7, 2013

    @Proud Black Constitutionalist

    people also need to know and understand the law. you CANNOT conceal/carry a firearm on school grounds unless it is inside a locked compartment in your vehicle.