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Shearon Harris to test sirens

Posted February 24, 2009

— The public alert notification sirens around the Shearon Harris nuclear plant will be tested between 10 and 11 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

The full-volume test will last about five seconds on the 83 sirens in a 10-mile area surrounding the plant. The test is conducted to make sure each siren works properly.

Residents might not hear the sirens unless they are close to one when it is being tested, officials said.

Progress Energy Inc., which operates the nuclear plant, conducts silent tests every two weeks and short-duration tests every three months. Full-volume testing is conducted annually.


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  • kittiboo Feb 25, 2009

    Mungo is right- the article stated it was a full volume test that would last 5 seconds. I wondered about that too- if it is full volume, I'd think people should be able to hear it from quite a ways away!

  • m0nky Feb 24, 2009

    Mungo, if you had read the entire article you would have read that they only do full volume tests annually. Given the sentence you quoted, you could figure out that this wasn't a full volume test.

  • kittiboo Feb 24, 2009

    I'm sure the residents are used to hearing the tests and are probably alerted in some other ways besides the news channel.
    This creeps me out, though. I remember driving near the plant once and seeing the speakers for the sirens- I was very freaked out. Just one of those things that is creepy to me!

  • Supie Feb 24, 2009

    ? this wral article says it came out at 9:48am and the testing was to be done between 10am and 11am this same day. Wouldn't it be a good idea for a lot of the population to have the opportunity to listen for it to know what it sounds like to be able to respond appropriately?

  • Mungo Feb 24, 2009

    "Residents might not hear the sirens unless they are close to one when it is being tested, officials said."

    Then what good is it as an alarm in the event of an emergency?

  • parr4246 Feb 24, 2009

    The alarms had already been tested when this alert came out on the WRAL website. Progress Energy usually sends a notice about the testing but I didn't get one this go round......but then again with the wonderful USPS service that I have, it will probably show up in the next day or two........!!!!

  • 37 Feb 24, 2009

    That's nothing. One of my neighbors "tests" his car alarm every day for 5-10 minutes. Conclusion? It works.