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Sentence reduced for CIA contractor convicted of detainee abuse

Posted April 6, 2010

— A federal judge on Tuesday reduced the prison sentence of an American civilian who was convicted almost four years ago of mistreating a detainee during the war in Afghanistan.

David Passaro, a CIA civilian contractor who lived in Lillington, was found guilty in August 2006 of hitting detainee Abdul Wali with a flashlight and kicking him in the groin. Wali later died of his injuries.

Passaro appealed the conviction, saying federal courts had no jurisdiction over assaults at a remote military base in Afghanistan. An appellate court upheld the conviction but ordered a new sentencing, saying U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle failed to explain his reasons for giving Passaro a 100-month prison sentence, which was a longer term than federal sentencing guidelines suggested.

Boyle re-sentenced Passaro on Tuesday to 80 months in prison.


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  • NCSU2311 Apr 7, 2010

    CRICKET AT THE LAKE....You support killing DETAINEES? America DOES NOT torture. We will not stoop to you and the terrorist techniques. We will defend ourselves and our country in the battlefield. We will not kill DETAINEES!!!!! Good lord. Convict him for his crime and give him death.

  • Cricket at the lake Apr 6, 2010

    dbcooper41, what you don't understand is that terrorist would slit your throat if he had the chance. Everyone isn't nice and reasonable like you. There are evil people in the world that want to destroy America and your way of life. The only thing slowing them down is the strength of the US military. Peace through strength. This man should be pardoned.

  • dbcooper41 Apr 6, 2010

    if soldiers don't start disobeying illegal orders we will end up with anarchy, and excuse the reference, but we'll wind up with "good soldiers" loading ovens, shooting clearly innocent noncombatants, and executing unarmed children. is that really what America is all about?

  • clickhere Apr 6, 2010

    disobeying orders is still a tough thing to do, even if you're supposed to under "illegal" circumstances. If soldiers start disobeying orders just because they think orders are illegal, you'd have another type of problem, especially under "War" conditions. I agree with Nukka, Parraro's sentence was way too long to begin with, and it's too bad the judge cut only 20 months off.

  • dbcooper41 Apr 6, 2010

    "This poor fella was just following orders and is a scapegoat for the machine."--------------------------------you are being saracstic aren't you? i agrre he's a scapegoat, but not an innocent one. this "poor fella" beat a man to death. if that was indeed his order then it was an illegal order and he therefore had a duty to disobey it.
    were these guys "just following orders" too?