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Search underway for missing kayaker in Falls Lake

Posted January 30, 2011
Updated January 31, 2011

— Search and rescue crews were in the Barton Creek area Sunday night and early Monday looking for a man who went missing in a kayak in Falls Lake.

George Gregory Feeter, 39, is an avid kayaker who went out on the water Sunday afternoon, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.

Witnesses said they heard someone yelling for help around 7 p.m. Feeter's wife got worried after he didn't come home, Harrison said.

Crews were using helicopters, boats and sonar in the search. They found Feeter's kayak about a half mile from where the search originated, in Falls Lake just off Six Forks Road.

He was last seen wearing a yellow YMCA T-shirt. The sheriff released his name and description in case anyone in the area has seen him.

"The water is cold. We're looking on the water still, but just in case he got to shore, got lost, got turned around," Harrison said.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Phyllis Stephens said many emergency crews were assisting in the search. Reverse 911 calls were placed to people who live within 3/4 mile of the lake, asking them to be on the lookout. No other information was released.


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  • Pickupabook Feb 1, 2011

    StaceyMcglamary--I knew Greg also. He was a neighbor of mine for many years, and one of the SWEETEST, KINDEST men I've ever met. To those who want to pass judgment, kick rocks. You don't know him. If you did, you wouldn't do that.

  • staceymcglamary Feb 1, 2011

    This is a very sad thing and I can't believe some of the comments posted here. I graduated high school with Greg, in Maryland and needless to say for those who knew him, this is a very sad time. Forget speculating on what may or may not have happened, please just pray for him and his family.

  • zenkayaker Feb 1, 2011

    it is a ashame for this to happen,to ANYONE,LORD knows we all just want/need some rec time.you cannot "let-up",when dealing with any outdoor sports,whether it be kayaking ,jogging,horseback riding ,etc,you must always be aware of the "realtime dangers"enharent with them.I am a 4 season paddler/camper,and I would NOT be even just on the shore "wading"in 2-4' of water at these temps.I pray for his family and his,safe return to them.IN several kayaking groups to which I belong ,we will not paddle without another paddler,just for this and other safety issue's."enjoy your day's,and.remember your nite's" later gumby/zenkayaker

  • Hammerhead Feb 1, 2011

    wildcat, he was paddling his kayak because it was nice out. It was an unfortunate accident that MIGHT have been avoided. Do you wonder the same thing about people ( like me ) who fish during the winter?

  • wildcat Jan 31, 2011

    What was they doing out on the lake as cold as it is?

  • oldrebel Jan 31, 2011

    Many of the comments on here come from people who haven't the foggiest idea of kayaking/canoeing, and there are some comments from those people that obviously know what they're talking about.

    It isn't difficult to determine which is which.

  • ben pergerson Jan 31, 2011

    just to clarify a few things but first i want to say i feel sorry for this mans family and still wish the best for them. now as for the search. no park rangers do not have a search crew but there are multiple fire departments searching the area for the missing kayaker. and i have seen alot about pdf devices. yes they are smart to have but do you have one every time you go swimming my guess is not. the area the kayak was found in was about 4 ft deep at the deepest area. very shallow area. but with that cold of water it is irrelevant. no reason to blame any certain thing on this situation i think at this point what the man and his family need most are prayers.

  • cwood3 Jan 31, 2011

    Every article I've read about boating in cold weather boating of any type called for wearing and securing life vests. They even go so far as to call for full time life vests and not inflatables. Hypothermia came come on instantly to older folks in extremely cold water-and 39 is extreme in NC. Bodys can begin to shut down in seconds in water that cold.

    Hope he shows up alive. That is becoming very doubtful.

    God bless his family.

  • ytb781pearl Jan 31, 2011

    deduce, sorry to hear of your loss.

  • woofpack13 Jan 31, 2011

    As someone who used to work for the State and County park systems I'd like to clarify a bit of information on here. State Park Rangers and County Rangers authority ends at the shore line. The water around the parks is managed by Army corp of Engineers and the NC Fish and Wildlife services. State and County rangers can help if asked but not before then (generally). If at any point you have an emergency call 911 they will direct the call to the closest agency and get you help as soon as possible. I really hope this guy is ok, but being missing this long in winter waters is not a promising thing.