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Sanford teen killed in wreck

Posted August 2, 2011

— A 16-year-old died late Monday when the car she was riding in ran off N.C. Highway 24 east of Cameron and hit some trees, authorities said.

Khadijiah M. Chesney, of Carthage Street in Sanford, was killed in the wreck. Authorities didn't release any information about the driver.

The vehicle was eastbound on N.C. 24 and ran off the highway about 3 miles east of Cameron, authorities said. The driver over-corrected, and the vehicle went off the left side of the highway into several small trees.

Chesney was a rising junior at Lee County High School, according to a spokeswoman for Lee County Schools.


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  • wmseva Aug 3, 2011

    Thanks to all those who have extended your prayer for our family and prayer is what we need. To those who are assuming what happen to Khadijiah please stop for you don't know and it only makes matters worst. She was not the driver so stop all the foolishness about what should be taught in drivers ed and etc. It was no ones fault and if you want to make a fuss about anything contact your NC Dept. Of Transportaion about getting pot holes in the highways and roads fix, thats what caused this devasting loss the night of Aug 1, 2011. How many of you can get together and discuss with NCDOT about the importance of having safe highways like you are about what may have or could have happen to Khadijiah. What happen she was with family members and a pothole was in the highway which cause the driver over-corrected, and the vehicle went off the left side of the highway into several small trees. Again thank all of you who have extend your prayers for our family and not judge. The joy of the Lord is

  • allarskc Aug 3, 2011

    please stop assuming the young lady was the driver. She was not. I work with one of her family members and this has been a devastating loss for one of the nicest people I know. She was NOT the driver. thanks.

  • maybehill Aug 2, 2011

    She was not the driver! She was riding with her family.

  • Fuquay Resident Aug 2, 2011

    It seems that everyone is assuming that she was riding with another teen driver. The story doesn't say how old the driver was. She may have been riding with her mother, father, 75 yo grandmother, etc.

  • theroadislong Aug 2, 2011

    Too young to die :(

  • Aug 2, 2011

    Avoiding over correction...the hardest skill to learn for young drivers.

  • thinkin out loud Aug 2, 2011

    fugitiveguy surfaces again wrote: I was under the impression that to be eligible for Alive @ 25 the youth had to get a moving violation or be in an accident. I think all new drivers should have access......

    In many cases that is correct and most community colleges charge
    a fee for attending the class. Most police departments do not charge for the class as they are interested in making the driver safer where others are helping the student get a reduction of a ticket. I know Apex and Holly Springs offer the class at no charge. Call your local police department or community college to see what they require. If you can get your child in even for a fee its worth it

  • kewlmom Aug 2, 2011

    So, so sorry for your loss, may your sweet angel rest in peace.

  • warbirdlover Aug 2, 2011

    My Pappy always said "It's better to take out a mailbox, than crash your car" when you run off the road.

  • btneast Aug 2, 2011

    Is this not a statewide practice? Yes, it is taught. Keep in mind, we are talking about teenagers here. They don't always pay attention, and tend to prioritize things differently than adults. Just becuase someone is taught something doesn't mean they will remember , much less utilize it when confronted with a panic situation. They also tend to think nothing will ever happen to them.