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Sandwich shop owner dies in custody in Harnett County

Posted December 22, 2009

The owner of a chain of local sandwich shops suffered a seizure and died last week while being held at the Harnett County jail, a sheriff's office spokesman said Tuesday.

Ray Shields Brogden, 27, the owner of Andy's Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers in Sanford, Lillington and Angier, was arrested Thursday on a charge of trafficking a Schedule I controlled substance, Maj. Gary McNeill said.

While Brogden was at the jail, he had a seizure, McNeill said. Brogden was taken to Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital in Dunn, where he was pronounced dead.

The State Medical Examiner's Office in Chapel Hill will perform an autopsy to determine Brogden's cause of death.


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  • scarletindurham Dec 23, 2009

    alphabaker, I know that not to be true. Someone very close to me made a bad decision and had to spend a few months in jail. He had his arm in a cast at the time of his arrest. They did not take him to get the cast removed till 4 weeks after he was supposed to have it removed despite documentation from Triangle Orthopedics. In the meantime they kept him in a special "pod" for people with illnesses because his cast was considered a weapon. During that time he witnessed first hand the medical neglect that goes on in these jails. Also for four weeks he was unnecessarily exposed to all types of illnesses due to being in the pod. So do I believe illnesses are closely regarded in jails and prisons? No.

  • alphabaker Dec 22, 2009

    in corrections there is a medical intake screening. all efforts are made to continue current therapy and keep inmates on medications that they are taking within reason. so to say this as one commenter did (Ten bucks said he asked for his seizure medication and they didn't take it very seriously.) is a low blow to all the hard working medical staff who work corrections.

  • teach4ever67 Dec 22, 2009

    My Opinion Not Yours -

    I am not sure whether to wish that you never have the need of the faithful service of our law enforement officers or to wish that you have the need and then have to feel eternally grateful. I have come to realize that a great deal of the GOLO community is comprised of "law enforement haters". I guess that explains many of the comments that I hear my students say on a daily basis. Comments like yours breed hate and therefore poisons our society.

    leo-nc - I have not always agreed with the opinions that you have expressed on GOLO, but I do want to take this time to thank you for the service you have given your community.

  • Jeff_W Dec 22, 2009

    Mom2two..... Marijuana is a Schedule VI (6) controlled substance in NC. (Which, by the way, ranks it in 'seriousness' below even some cough syrups). Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance only at the Federal Level.

  • Mom2two Dec 22, 2009

    Schedule I Drugs
    Schedule I drugs have a high tendency for abuse and have no accepted medical use. This schedule includes drugs such as Marijuana, Heroin, Ecstasy, LSD, and GHB. Recent activists have tried to change the schedule for Marijuana citing the possible medical benefits of the drug. Pharmacies do not sell Schedule I drugs, and they are not available with a prescription by physician.

  • Mom2two Dec 22, 2009

    Never eat the evidence against you.

  • leo-nc Dec 22, 2009

    "Police misconduct-guaranteed!"---

    oh of course. It always is... genius

  • My opinion not yours Dec 22, 2009

    Police misconduct-guaranteed!

  • Fuquay Resident Dec 22, 2009

    BraveHeart, I don't know how you can say "Harnett County dropped the ball". Shields was being held at the Harnett County Jail awaiting transport to prison following a felony probation violation con­viction from Pitt County and appears to have had a seizure. How do you get Harnett County dropping the ball? He was a "local boy", most of the S.O. probably ate lunch at his resturant at least once a week.

  • leo-nc Dec 22, 2009

    Braveheart, care to tell us how so? I can't wait to hear this one. Especially since nothing in this very short story explains what happened other then the guy had a seizure at the jail. Waiting on your answer.