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Rocky Mount teen shot

Posted February 1, 2010

— A 16-year-old Rocky Mount boy was shot around midnight Sunday by three unidentified men asking him about drugs, police said Monday.

Damian Taylor said that three men approached him at Hargrove and Daughtridge streets and asked him where they could buy drugs. When Taylor said he didn't know, one of the men shot him with a sawed-off shotgun, Taylor told police.

Police said Taylor suffered minor injuries from pellets and was treated at a local hospital and released.

No arrests have been in the shooting.


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  • Go GT Feb 2, 2010

    I am actually thinking of running for mayor of RM.. I have no political record, but you know what... that might be just what this city needs.. someone who is not corrupt.... our crime is high, there are no jobs and we have a terrible rep in the state. How much worse could I do?

  • mproctor2 Feb 1, 2010

    arrest the parent for child neglect....16 years old and on the street?midnite......

  • awomnsptofview Feb 1, 2010

    I'm sure this is a mistake. The Chief said crime was down in Rocky Mount. What kind of crime is down in Rocky Mount? Oh yea, it IS against the law to pray in school, recite the 10 commandments in court and litter. Maybe that's the crimes he was talking about.

  • buckykatt020998 Feb 1, 2010

    When I was a kid, I would spend the night with my cousin who lived in the neighborhood of the streets mentioned in the article. We'd sleep with the bedroom windows open so the breeze could come in. I'd hate to even have to drive through there in broad daylight now.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Feb 1, 2010

    Rocky Mount buys its electricity from a company....which makes it the middle man and instead of allowing residents to buy direct, they mark up costs and turn a profit while making their communities even more poor. I lived in a 1300 sq ft townhome and averaged $200-250 a month, in months like these (cold) it was more like almost 400 a month. I live in the county now and have progress energy. I have a 2000 sq foot 2 story home and last month was the highest bill yet at $250....but it normally runs around $100-140, even in the summer.

    rocky mount has the most corrupt government officials in the state. Knight, the mayor, Manley, they all are in on it. The SBI or the State Auditors need to go in and examine the books, approved annexes and who owns that land, as well as other lucrative deals and high priced utilities.

  • hank5049 Feb 1, 2010

    the reason the bills are so high is because the city of rocky mount has a monopoly on all services. electric,gas,water,sewage,trash,storm water runoff, the city provides all of these services with no other choices. i have two friends there and their bills were $795 for a 1800 square foot home and $1190 for a 2000 square foot home. i live outside of nashville. i have progress energy and my bill for same time was $180. and i know that's just the power bill. i have septic tank, well water and i take my own trash to land fill. but the city of rocky mount are gouging these all ready poor people.

  • TommyK Feb 1, 2010

    would you take your business there?

  • doubletrouble Feb 1, 2010

    I agree....maybe Rocky Mount needs to call in the National Guard, they sure seem to be in the news alot. I know unemployment there is staggering and there seems to be a growth of "bad neighborhoods". The Mount needs investment to bring in more jobs to the area.

  • teacher101 Feb 1, 2010

    between the utilities and crime - Rocky Mount sure is the place to be.....

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Feb 1, 2010

    Just one?