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Registered sex offender arrested for visit to Moore County park

Posted July 19, 2010

— Moore County deputies arrested a registered sex offender July 16 after reports that he was at Vass Park while children were playing nearby.

Ronald Allen Craig, 49, of 3833 Union Church Road in Carthage, was being held on $10,000 bond on a charge of being on child premises.

According to records from the North Carolina Department of Correction, Craig was convicted of sex offenses in 1992 in Lee County and in 2003 in Moore County.


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  • Viewer Jul 20, 2010

    "I think the best solution is to have some sort of camp for these folks"

    Like Devil's Island

  • BigUNCFan Jul 20, 2010

    I think the best solution is to have some sort of camp for these folks. It would be nicer than prison in that it would look like a neighborhood and you would live in a house with a yard and have your stuff but you had to live there. You would also have an ankle monitor on at all times and you would be restricted in terms of being able to go places. You could work but you would be monitored in terms of schools and parks, etc.

    In reality, this would be a life sentence served (part of the time would be hard time in prison while this part would bec called something like light time). The difference is that it would be official versus the semiofficial way of doing it now where we tell people not to do certain things and they do them anyway. Here you know up front it is a life sentence.

    People would then transition to the old folks home where at that point they would not be much of a threat and they would die.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 20, 2010

    JAT, every day there's a story here on WRAL about some violent guy who is taking advantage of the court systems' "revolving door".

    We have rapists, armed robbers, violent fighting-folks, gang bangers, and lots of other really bad guys...who get out of jail in a year or three. Yet, they can freely stroll into this park (even with a big ole knife in their pocket)...while the sex offender cannot be within X number of feet of it.

    It just smacks of double-jeopardy. Meanwhile, society says that all of the bad guys listed above can be rehabilitated enough to warrant unrestricted release into society.

  • JAT Jul 20, 2010

    Here's my thoughts on the murderer vs sx offender deal: Murders aren't usual random or numerous. Otherwise, they'd be called a serial killer. People don't just go around and kill someone for no reason, serve a year or so and get out and do it again. Sure, some do but not many. Offenders are liars - they deceive the general public into thinking they are normal and safe. They then deceive their innocent victim and destroy the trust and honesty of the victim. They plot; they lie; they manipulate; and it's more of a mental game with them. They can never be trusted again. They may change, but I don't think they should be trusted automatically any more. They have shown they have no qualms about crossing the most important lines in society, that of sxually abusing a child.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 20, 2010

    Why can a released murderer or rapist go to the same park without arrest?

  • untiltheyallhaveahome Jul 20, 2010

    Did anyone else read the actual story? HE SHOULDNT BE THERE. He was convicted of a sex crime TWICE! He should stay in jail until his death

  • atlbraves0327 Jul 20, 2010

    ok i understand that some ppl make mistakes...some ppl learn from those mistakes and rehab and never do it again, but then you have ppl like this guy. It would be different if he did this back in '92 and never did it again then i would agree you cant limit him to going to a park, a school or work at a daycare, hell yes. But thats not the case, this guy did it in '92 and then again in '03...11 years later and he commits the same crime??!! he should be locked up and picking up trash on the side of our highways. recurring offenders get no remorse from me!!

  • braddavis Jul 20, 2010

    Really UNCfan????? Do you think he went there because he missed playing on the monkey bars? I'm surprised the general population in prison let him survive........

  • hpr641 Jul 20, 2010

    Let me get this right: This guy is so dangerous that if he's found in a public park, we need to immediately arrest him and hold him on a $10K bond. Well, then why was he allowed to be able to get to the park?

    It really is very simple: If you can't even trust a man to be in a public park, then don't release him.

  • JAT Jul 20, 2010

    If he can't control his urges enough to stay away from a park when he knows he's not supposed to be there, I would say he wouldn't be able to control his urges if he were to find himself alone with a child.

    He has been convicted twice. How many more children are we willing to get abused before we realize he can't change?