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Raleigh Woman Accused of Food Stamp Fraud

Posted March 23, 2008

— A Raleigh woman is facing fraud charges.

Sheilah Leach told the Wake County Department of Human Services she was living with her son and that she didn't have a job, officials said.

Investigators said neither was true.

Leach collected more than $3,500 worth of food stamps, according to the arrest report.


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  • teachnow Mar 24, 2008

    DougWare.NET I admire that you would continue to take care of this young lady. She is very lucky to have you. You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers. It is obvious that you care for her deeply, just wish her mom did.

  • 3forme Mar 24, 2008

    no they should have the money taken out of their EIC TAX REFUND THEY ALL GET

  • DougWare.NET Mar 24, 2008

    My step-daughter does live with me, full time. I also agree, it is fraud.

    Here's where it gets complicated...
    I don't have custody of her, only a power of attorney. If my step-daughter or I start fighting her mother (my ex-wife) for the money, she'll simply pull her out of my home. I'm on a single income (slightly above average for the area)...and it's not cheap raising a teen. However, her future is more important that the money SSI would bring into her, so I pay out of my own pocket all of her expenses. I do this because her mother doesn't care, and would rather put her back in foster care than deal with her herself.

    Furthermore, Durham CPS (Child Protective Services) came out and investigated me for a retaliatory complaint that was made. In the course of the investigation, they learned that she gets SSI and that her mother receives it (not her). To make a long story short, they were not concerned with that, I guess it wasn't their job...only to investigate the allegations.

  • kimandem Mar 24, 2008

    WOW, this really surprises me. Unusual story, huh?

  • Tired Of Excuses Mar 24, 2008

    This is only scratching the surfice of a bigger problem and way of life for generations of people who work the system to their advantage. Like someone mentioned in an earlier post, for every one caught there are probably THOUSANDS more who don't get caught and who pays for it? The hard working tax payers.

  • G-Dawg Mar 24, 2008

    Imagine that, another one trying to get over

  • lynddsy Mar 24, 2008

    this is sooo wrong!!! this is why good people that need help are looked at so bad by others. she needs to be locked away just like any other thief!!

  • gnew46 Mar 24, 2008

    There is a diffence in wants and needs. This taxpayer funded program was formed to address those who are legitimatley in need.

  • Travised Mar 24, 2008

    KEWL- in cases like yours, paycheck denied, unemployment, no way to pay for food, or utilities would be shut off, people can get EMERGENCY BENEFITS within 24 hours from county. Emergency benefits are different than standard benefits being they will be issued ASAP for emergency situations only. Standard benefits can take up to a week (or more) to be approved, whenever they arrive at Base Computer (state home) to get entered in the computer system. County kicks the Data tapes to one central location for entry.

    Hearing that number (what was it, 3500?) HECK I get almost that for annual income from the feds and am expected to live off it!!! It ain't easy!!

  • Tidbit Mar 24, 2008

    Not surprised... not shocked... just pizzed. Knowing that for every 1 person caught, there are a 100 not getting caught, can people really fault some of us for wanting to stop welfare programs like this? To instead change them and make them temporary (unless you are a senior citizen on stationary income)