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Raleigh to receive World Trade Center artifact

Posted January 17, 2012

— Raleigh will soon be the home to a reminder of one of the nation's biggest tragedies.

The City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to accept a 2-foot piece of steel from the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey os donating certain artifacts from the World Trade Center site to public safety and government agencies throughout the nation.


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  • Uhavenoclu Jan 18, 2012

    Oh man I was hoping for the toilet seat,d'oh

  • Bill of Rights Jan 18, 2012

    Wow, I think my comment is getting taken entirely out of context. I appreciate material history and visit our museums quite regularly, and I'm not doubting that there is value in preserving our history. What I was simply wondering is what exactly we'll do with a 2 foot chunk of metal. Use it in some form of public sculpture? Display it in a museum? Set it near a firehouse or some other public services building? All of these are possibilities; it just struck me as an odd sized artifact to have to deal with -- and a potentially expensive one at that. I'll never forget where I was on 9/11/01, and I have tremendous respect for the work that all of our emergency responders do. I'm just not sure where a 2 foot hunk of steel fits in honoring that; that's all.

  • SouthernBornSouthernBred Jan 18, 2012

    This is HISTORY. Are ya'll forgetting 9/11 did happen? If you think this is not worth saving then you probably think a history museum is a joke! Walk into any history museum and you will see small artifacts that may mean nothing to you but the world to others. Like the Indian museum it probably means nothing to you because you aren't an Indian but it means everything to the Indians. All the people posting negative comments on here are doing so for attention, trying to pick a fight. Just remember it IS your HISTORY that you don't want to save! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

  • udaycoosay Jan 18, 2012

    Well written, chattycat, you really must take sunshine1040 under your wing.

  • wmb95013 Jan 18, 2012

    "Reading the comments here it is obvious that money would be better spent teaching English."

    our county has been "falling down" long before 9/11/11 happened.

  • f1reems29 Jan 18, 2012

    I am not sure about other departments but ours paid for the trip to NYC with donations from the firemen and ladies auxiliary. The case is being built by a department members father with the materials and work being donated. Anyone that is calling it a 'hunk of steel' still doesn't get the big picture and comments on a blog won't be able to make you understand.

  • chattycat Jan 18, 2012

    Some real patriotic citizens posting here! udaycoosay - Sorry this isn't English class and you seem to be the only spelling monitor present today!

  • Bill of Rights Jan 18, 2012

    From a strictly pragmatic and aesthetic perspective, is this really the best way to memorialize the deaths of 3000 people? In context, it's a bent hunk of metal. I can think of better and more dignified ways to spend our money than to turn a 2 foot hunk of metal into some sort of shrine. And again: I intend no disrespect towards the hard work that our emergency workers do every day; I just wonder what exactly a 2 foot hunk of steel (with all of the associated costs) will actually do for the city.

  • dbcooper41 Jan 18, 2012

    this piece of steel should have been used as evidence in a criminal trial rather than passed out like a souvenier, or scrapped before it cold be examined, like the rest of the steel from the exploded buildings.

  • udaycoosay Jan 18, 2012

    Reading the comments here it is obvious that money would be better spent teaching English.