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Raleigh teen charged with attempted murder

Posted May 31, 2009

— A Raleigh teenager charged with attempted murder is due in court Monday.

Anthony Darius Neal, 17, 2605 Bristol Place, is accused of shooting Jerome Watkins in the arm on May 20 during an argument, police said. Neal is also accused of assaulting Darius Bennett on the same day of the shooting.

Neal was being held Sunday in the Wake County Jail under a $1 million.


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  • babyblue2 Jun 1, 2009

    deathrowifeelyourpainnot.......you're right.only the blacks can fix the problems within their own community but who gets blamed for the black man's problems? the white man.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 1, 2009

    fatchanceimwrong, cudos! There are assaults by the hundreds in the black community that simply appear and disappear, with no one from the NAACP speaking up and trying to change the situation. But let one white person assault a black person and they will drive it in the ground for months. or years. They want to stop the white on black crime. But black on black crime occurs hundreds more times. And it ALL stems from their own culture and lack of strick parenting and morals. Whites will NEVER be able to fix the black problems. If blacks don't fix it, it will NEVER be fixed.

  • fatchanceimwrong Jun 1, 2009

    babyblue2: The lack of dual parenting along with the vulgar & degregating black pop culture has much to do with it. So many black youth get their ideals and values from rap & hip/hop "artists" instead of their mothers, fathers & churches. Black pop culture has created a generation of wannabe thugs. Only when the black community steps up to the plate and does a better job of raising their youth will they stop killing each other and ending up in jail.

  • fatchanceimwrong Jun 1, 2009

    Sometimes WRAL refers to a 17 yr old as a "man" and sometimes, as in this article, as a "teenager". Intentional bias or just inconsistent reporting?

    In any event, another thug is off the street. That is, until the spineless court system turns him back out on the public.

  • babyblue2 Jun 1, 2009

    he looks like he hates the world. where do these young men get that much hate and anger inside of them at such a young age?

  • furburg Jun 1, 2009

    He's a teen yeah right look like he about 25.