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Raleigh proposes landlord-registration requirement

Posted May 13, 2008

— The City of Raleigh has proposed that all landlords register their property with the city.

The ordinance would help law enforcement identify property owners to impose tougher fines for public nuisance and noise violations.

The public will have a chance to weigh in on the plan at a meeting in June.


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  • Raydianse May 15, 2008

    This is absurd. Why put all these restrictions on Landlords - what this does is makes screening for tenants for strenuous, more fees for tenants to pay for a application fee, higher rent because if the tenant violates then they have to kick them out etc. As it is right now the restrictions are very strict, you cannot have grass a certain height or you get a fine, if you get 3 or more notices in a 3 year span you can no longer rent your house for 2 years - because a tenant put the wrong kind of couch on the side porch or back porch - we aren't talking about "serious" offenses just stuff the the communist like Mayor likes to impose to keep out certain people - probably people of color if you ask me to create this elitist area where anyone who wants a garbage disposal must live outside of Raleigh. It's so sad that soon Raleigh will be a dying area, if it wasn't for the colleges in the area with Meeker Raleigh would be dying or already dead.

  • hazeyc May 14, 2008

    "The ordinance would help law enforcement identify property owners to impose tougher fines for public nuisance and noise violations."

    Why don't they get the tenants to register that they are renters and give their parents names, so they can accomplish the above? It's the same idea - put responsibility for adult behavior onto someone else who cannot control that behavior.

    And if others (landlords) are responsible for their behavior then why would they (tenants) need to change that behavior?

    If the they want to impose higher fines then do to the offenders!!!!! What are we becoming - a socialist state?

    Personally, I do have a rental house and I screen my tenants well, but you cannot screen for how loud they may be unless they've racked up criminal offenses for it. If I found out they were annoying the neighbors then I would terminate their lease as I only do month-to-month leases.

    Why are the landlords the bad guys? They provide a valuable service.

  • colliedave May 14, 2008


    There are ordinances that require certain housing conditions be maintained. Why should a renter track the behavior of his landlord? All he has to do is to provide a residence that meets these conditions?


    And how will getting a landlord to register his property stop the behavior of his tenants? Evictions are difficult to obtain. Also, there is the threat of a discrimination lawsuit if the landlord and tenant are of a different race.

  • alwayslovingu30 May 14, 2008

    your rite noise ordanaces arent hardly inforced they R called numerous times before the music is cut down or off.Thats the truth

  • wapitiscat May 14, 2008

    I think this is a way to help the city hold landlords with rental property in ostensibly owner occupied single family neighborhoods accountable for their property upkeep and tenant behavior. Leasing property is a business and is essentially unregulated when someone chooses to rent their house. More often than not, tenants tend to be considerate of their neighbors. What really gets me is that with respect to the upkeep of the property the best thing that happens in nothing. These properties tend to just sit there while most (not all) of the surrounding houses undergo some sort of upgrade or renovation every 3-5 years No landscaping improvements, no exterior upgrades, etc. The owner doesn't seem to invest any more in the rental property than they have to to keep the tenants there. A broken water heater will be replaced (I would hope) but a detached gutter can hang and an overgrown planting bed can go untouched. Just my observations and not a one size fits all castigation.

  • piperchuck May 14, 2008

    "if the police can't or don't do enough, then contact the landlord by certified mail that you are going to bring charges against him/her for violation of noise/nuisance ordinances."

    If the tenants aren't doing something that the police can take action on, what can be done to the landlord?

  • magicbus May 14, 2008

    My guess in reading some of these posts is that none of you own rental property.

    First of all,I have great tenants, knock on wood, and haven't had any problems in the few years that I have owned rental property.

    Sec..REV. RB...Wake County does have a website that gives you all the info that they are proposing you register. On the website it tells you who owns the home and their seperate mailing address...I am pretty sure that meeker can compile a list of landlords from that info! So registering is a dumb idea!

    Why should an owner be responsible for the actions of their tenants? That makes no sense. I have no control over what someone else does, anywhere! I agree that if your tenants are a constant nuisance...then it should be your responsibility.

    However...our eviction laws make it nearly impossible to get a tenant out of your house. So, if I can't evict someone...how can I be responsible for their actions?!

    This is about finding someone else to blame!

  • Stormy13 May 14, 2008

    A landlord should be liable for the behavior of his/her renters. If they break the law then he/she should have them evicted. To prevent all this, landlords should do background checks, credit checks, etc. on ALL applicants. I agree with "Mike275132", if the police can't or don't do enough, then contact the landlord by certified mail that you are going to bring charges against him/her for violation of noise/nuisance ordinances.

  • ncsudan May 14, 2008

    Free, Your comment makes no sense. First if the parents own the condo, then they TECHNICALLY are not landlords, as the 'renters' are family, so they do not need to register at all for this?? Second: Why cant the RPD do anything about noisy partying due to parents owing the place. Noisy is noisy regardless of who owns the unit. Call the police if they bother you. Document the calls and approach them. If it persists, then escalate the issue by sending copies of the police reports to the owners. Calmly state if they do not rectify the situation going forward, you will be consulting a lawyer to discuss other options. Simple as that. Take initiative, or stop complaining.

  • BuggerOff May 14, 2008

    Maybe its a way to finally get some figures on the government housing programs. Maybe the landlords that are being paid by the gov't to provide housing are not maintaining it properly. Squalid conditions can cause sickness & disease, & the government might actually be trying to pass the expense on to the offending slumlords. Whatever the reason, for sure its a mystery why they spent money getting the property records online & now they can't be used to provide the info for this purpose. I wonder if they are trying to track the folks that frequently end up owning the Mexican houses of ill repute...