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Raleigh police release initial report in Motel 6 shooting

Posted October 27, 2010
Updated October 28, 2010

— Raleigh police released a preliminary report Wednesday detailing a shooting in which two officers fired six shots at a woman they thought was going to shoot them.

Officers Diana Painter, Charles Matthews II and Philip D. Matthews were responding to a 911 report last Thursday of a woman causing a disturbance at a Motel 6 on Maitland Drive.

According to the report, which was given to Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen, Painter was met by Emmerli Latrice Wilcoxson, waving her arms and screaming, “You’re going to die tonight. I’m going to kill you.”

Wilcoxson then reached her right hand down to her left ankle as if she were retrieving something and then ran toward Painter with her right hand cocked back beside her right ear, the report stated.

After repeated commands for Wilcoxson to stop, Painter fired five times, striking Wilcoxson multiple times.

Philip Matthews, thinking his life was in danger, then fired one shot at Wilcoxson when she started running toward him, causing her to fall to the ground.

According to the report, Wilcoxson was conscious after the shooting and kept screaming at the officers.

“While she was sitting on the ground, she raised an empty hand, made the shape of a gun and pointed it at Officer P.D. Matthews, repeatedly made a shooting gesture and began to laugh,” the report states.

Wilcoxson was being treated Wednesday at WakeMed in Raleigh, where she was listed in good condition, according to the hospital.

Both officers are on administrative duty pending a criminal and administrative investigation, the report states.

A Motel 6 clerk called 911 around 4 a.m. Thursday morning about a woman acting hysterical in the parking lot.

“There is some crazy lady out front here,” the caller said. “She’s screaming and hollering, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Wilcoxson, thought to be from Clayton County, Ga., had been a guest of the Motel 6, Police Chief Harry Dolan said, saying she checked in the night of Oct. 20 with a young child, who was found unharmed in a motel room.

Another motel guest said the woman had been staying at the motel earlier in the week but that she had a fight with her boyfriend. She left and then returned on Oct. 20.


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  • meBNme Oct 29, 2010

    "meBNme needs to go sit on someone's couch.

    Thats actually a great idea!
    Kick back, get me a good book, sip on some sweet tea. Be a couch potato for a while.

    Question is.... why would I go sit on someone else's couch when I could sit on my own? Mines got all the comfy pillows.

  • serious Oct 29, 2010

    It will be interesting to hear Wilcoxson's account of what happened. Assuming that she remembers.

  • serious Oct 29, 2010

    meBNme needs to go sit on someone's couch.

  • UPTOP Oct 28, 2010

    what happened to ZAPPING her or MACE ? Six bullets !! Since when couples are allowed to work together !!!!

  • leo-nc Oct 28, 2010

    "Leo, it is not quitting time (for them anyway). Mom and dad are on their way home and they have to get off the computer before they get there and check the basement."--

    hehehehe, nice

  • meBNme Oct 28, 2010

    Not everyone..... we're still here LOL

  • meBNme Oct 28, 2010

    Oh lord.... watching folks do weak hand who havn't trained heavily for it is both hilarius AND scary... but even more funny, weak hand long gun shooting LOL

    "....I cant even hold this thing, much less shoot it"

    It's almost second nature to me now.
    Thank God for airsoft LOL.

  • anti-Hans Oct 28, 2010

    meBNme, excellent point on the "stopping the threat" comment. I had said the same thing earlier - if the cops were really intending on being "bad cops" they would have put 30 bullets in her.

    Chromelexus, I am so glad you get your life lessons from TruTV watching cop shows. Yes, I understand the cases on there really did happen, but to lump all cops into that is absurd. I saw a high school kid score a basket at the end of the game from the opposite end of the court - so therefore, all kids are going to score from the opposite end of the court.

  • meBNme Oct 28, 2010

    Either that or...... Give em enough rope and.....

    With so many holes in their argumanets, their pot wasnt holding water, maybe they left to go change their shoes.

    and find something ELSE to blame on some cops LOL

  • anti-Hans Oct 28, 2010

    Leo, it is not quitting time (for them anyway). Mom and dad are on their way home and they have to get off the computer before they get there and check the basement.