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Raleigh police officer involved in crash

Posted December 29, 2008

— Raleigh police were investigating a wreck late Sunday involving one of their own.

The crash happened just before midnight at the intersection of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail.

Investigators say the police officer was traveling east on Wade Avenue and an SUV was traveling south on Dixie Trail.

Emergency crews took the officer and one person from the SUV to area hospitals. Their names were not released. The person in the SUV had significant but non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Police were trying to determine which driver caused the wreck.


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  • wwwalker Dec 30, 2008

    I don't understand why there needs to be a long drawn out investigation. If it had been two civilian parties involved the decision would have been made on the spot. Those involved would have had to fight it out in court.

    Is it just me or does that look like a lot of damage to the front of that police car for a "speed limit" of 35 mph?

  • cam7002 Dec 29, 2008

    WHAT??? Dude, the views in all directions there are certainly not unobstructed. Where southbound Dixie Trail meets Wade Ave, "right on red" is prohibited because the westbound Wade Ave traffic does a right/left dog-leg, then comes over a blind hill fast and furious to the Wade/Dixie traffic light. Likewise, the eastbound Wade Ave traffic must use great caution when making a left to head northbound onto Dixie Trail. It's a dangerous intersection where westbound Wade Avenue commuter traffic picks up speed in anticipation of the Raleigh-Chapel Hill Expressway just a mile ahead. Inbound toward downtown Raleigh from the Expressway, the left-hand turn lane onto northbound Dixie is short and, sometimes, backed up, thereby creating a rear-end risk for those backed into the left-hand travel lane on eastbound Wade Ave. Check out the google maps street view and see for yourself.

  • Steve Crisp Dec 29, 2008

    At some point, every intersection has an obstructed view, but this one, even with the hill to the west, has a clear view of at least 300 feet in that direction.

    Any less than that and the speed limit would drop to 25 (or less) at the intersection. I don't believe this intersection drops the speed for eastbound autos on Wade.

  • Jeremiah Dec 29, 2008

    (oops, I LIVED down the road from...)

  • Jeremiah Dec 29, 2008

    i down the road from that intersection for several years and have seen multiple wrecks. it is a fairly dangerous intersection, and you can't see over the hill coming westbound on wade. if someone is traveling fast enough on eastbound wade, a t-bone could happen with someone traveling east on wade trying to make a left turn onto dixie.

  • smcallah Dec 29, 2008

    Someone definitely went through a red light... but it is not true that it is unobstructed in all directions. Remember, coming westbound on Wade Ave, you are coming over a steep hill before Dixie Trail. Someone on Dixie Trail can only see clearly to east bound Wade, you look towards westbound Wade, and you only see the hill.

    But yes, with the direction both cars are said to be traveling in this accident, they should have both been able to see clearly.

    I'm just noting that it is not totally unobstructed in all directions as you said.

  • Steve Crisp Dec 29, 2008

    Someone blew a red traffic light on that one. And that intersection is somewhat difficult to get into a T-bone accident in the first place. It is wide and there are unobstructed views in all directions. You really have to be completely ignoring your surroundings to get in a wreck there.