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Raleigh pays $1.1M to woman injured by recycling truck

Posted December 30, 2008

— The city has reached a $1.1 million settlement with a woman injured last year in a wreck involving a city recycling truck.

Nirali Manish Dubal was driving on Stonehenge Drive on Jan. 3, 2007, when her car collided head-on with a recycling truck. She suffered several broken bones.

Dubal sued the city and the truck driver in September 2007, claiming the driver didn't signal a left turn and didn't yield to her.

The city's liability insurance will cover $100,000 of the settlement, and the rest will be paid out of a reserve fund the city uses to cover liability claims, officials said.


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  • woodrowboyd2 Dec 31, 2008

    being human will not cause us to be mistake free
    the same people includeing myself someday will make the same mistake the driver of this truck did but maybe we will fair better and
    humans make mistakes
    always wii how come some think that we should never make one

  • 1Moms_View Dec 31, 2008

    Before you criticize the amount of the settlement, do more research than WRAL obviously did for this article. This woman had serious disabling injuries which kept her in rehab for months. She had loss of income for at least half a year during which her bills still had to be paid. She has permanent pain as a result of the injuries which were caused due to negligence of the city's garbage truck driver. Maybe the city should train and monitor their drivers better for following traffic regulations if they want to avoid incidents like this.

    If you lost 6 months income or more, had permanent pain, spent months in rehab, just think on whether you'd be so eager to let the city off the hook?

  • madisongunter Dec 31, 2008


  • housemanagercary Dec 31, 2008

    Thanks for posting more info than WRAL did. I hope she can find some relief. A life in pain is very sad indeed.

  • angora2 Dec 31, 2008

    Before you guys shoot off your mouths about this, read the posts about the severity this woman's injuries. Her life will never be the same thanks to the inattention of the other driver. "Broken bones" doesn't tell the real story.

  • ncsufamily24 Dec 31, 2008

    itls posted:
    "Don't include me in your "all of us" I would like to see the facts."

    You're like a cold: Aggravating, but eventually you'll go away.
    Honestly, you're more like a pesky ole troll, flammer or baiter.

    With the accolaids you shower on WRAL all the time, one would suspect you're trying to get a job with the GOLO group. Put on the boxing gloves and let's get it on!

  • mcarpetto Dec 31, 2008

    I know Dr. Dubal, she is my children's Dr. She is an amazing woman and deserves so much more than they are giving her. She will be in pain the rest of her life. I'm disappointed in how the story was written describing her injuries. She was in the hospital and in rebab for a very long time. Out of work almost 6 months I believe. She still walks with a limp, can't stand for a long time, etc. Her life was forever changed that day and not in a positive direction. If you all really understood the pain and suffering she has been enduring you wouldn't be saying, "sign me up to be run over by a truck"!! I am so glad she is finally getting a little compesation!

  • PC is for Losers Dec 31, 2008

    Hey man, if a city truck doesn't signal and cuts in front of me - breaking MY bones - then you can believe I'll be looking for some compensation too. These dudes already drive down the center of the road. It's their fault she has these permanent injuries to her body so pay the piper.

  • WHEEL Dec 31, 2008

    Dr Dataclerk. Don't include me in your "all of us" I would like to see the facts.

  • lorivalentine1 Dec 31, 2008

    well good luck with her million.. she will need it the way the economy is going..