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Raleigh nightclub to host fundraiser for firefighter's family

Posted June 9, 2010

— A Raleigh nightclub will host a fundraiser Friday for the family of a Raleigh firefighter killed in a wreck with a school bus last December.

The Second Annual Friends for Flip Benefit Concert will start at 8 p.m. at the Longbranch of Raleigh, 600 Creekside Drive.

Lt. Harry P. Flip Kissinger IV, 35, of Wake Forest, died Dec. 11, a week after his truck was struck by a school bus that crossed the center line of Ligon Mill Road. The school bus driver, Sheila Wimbush Hall, 52, of Garner, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

The concert will benefit the "Kissinger Family Care Fund," which is helping to support Kissinger's widow and daughters.

Kissinger worked for the Raleigh Fire Department for 12 years.


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  • maverick Jun 11, 2010

    What gives you worthless human beings the right to judge someone going through a hard time mourning the loss of a loved one that risked his life to save the lives of others!!! Fundraisers don't yeld a ton of cash these days due to tough economic times and we should be thankful there are friends, family, and businesses such as the Longbranch out there to help people when they are in need.

    Also - everyone mourns differently! And if going to see KC helped for even 5 minutes, then it was completely worth it!

    Find something else on here worthy of debating. If your going to post here you should be encouraging people to attend or posting a positive message. Take your negativity and apply it to your own life (like it seems you've already been doing)!!

  • Dark_Horse Jun 9, 2010

    This money could be used to help the kids thru school/collage!! You don give to any cauyse based off of where you think the money is going...u give from the heart that's the Godly thing to do..
    1) The word is "college" (irony?)and 2) If you don't give money based on where you think its going then that's you're poor judgement, not ours. If someone said that they were collecting money for a natural disaster and I find out that 98% of the money goes to administrative costs, then no matter how much my heart might feel for the victims, Im not going to give to that charity. That's just common sense!

  • 911girl4life Jun 9, 2010

    I know that's right curious, well I'm just glad to know they had a great time in Vegas and I'm like you, I just don't think going somewhere like that would be on the top of my priority list if my husband had passed away a few months before. But everybody's different and deals with things differently.

  • curiousinralnc Jun 9, 2010

    well just to update it looks like the trip did happen in May and by the looks of the pics, everyone had a GREAT time!!! me personally I couldnt do that if my spouse passed away only a few months prior to that, I would have postponed or rescheduled to a later date

    per the post from 911girl I am not the only who sees this and feels that way but by tomorrow this article will fade away...

  • 911girl4life Jun 9, 2010

    calston25, I understand it's the right thing to do and you give from the heart, that's why I was at the first fundraiser at the Longbranch. And I WAS NOT stalking her facebook page. I received a fan request for that page which was not her main FB page, not sure who started it.

  • curiousinralnc Jun 9, 2010

    calston25....whoa... not stalking facebook anyones FB page it was a group that showed up on MY FB as others clicked on the "like" option...but it did irritate the heck out of me seeing that trip being posted and soliciting for it...here is the link from FB:

    Basic Info Name:Help Jill Kissinger meet Kenny Chesney in Las Vegas May 15th, 2010Category:Common Interest - Current EventsDescription:So many of us know and continue to feel the great loss of Harry "Flip" Kissinger this past December. None of us have felt the loss as his amazing wife Jill and their beautiful two daughters have. Jill has been a huge Kenny Chesney fan since way back and she's heading to Las Vegas with a couple of friends to see him perform on May 15th. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't try to make her dream of meeting him come true! Just thought maybe with the 10,000 plus friends and family from near and far that were praying for Flip and his girls, and joined the group "Prayers for Flip Kissinger and The K

  • calston25 Jun 9, 2010

    To the two people with he negative comments..its really sad that you would post something like that. The fund raiser is to raise money for the family. Its not easy to lose your husband/dad. And for you guys to stalk her Facebook page is sad. I'm sure this lady wasn't broke before her husband died. This money could be used to help the kids thru school/collage!! You don give to any cauyse based off of where you think the money is going...u give from the heart that's the Godly thing to do..

  • da1200rey Jun 9, 2010

    Please get life insurance everyone, a 35 yr old can get a 20 yr million dollar Term Life Policy for $30/month or less. A friend of mine was a police officer that died in the line of duty, and his family went through the same thing, having plate sales, and all kinds of fund raisers when a simple life policy would have taken care of the family to begin with.

  • Dark_Horse Jun 9, 2010

    curiousinralnc- You raise some very interesting points.

    a fundraiser to help the family with day to day expenses? Im in.
    Turning a firefighter's death into a personal Make-A-Wish Foundation for a grown woman? I'll pass.

  • 911girl4life Jun 9, 2010

    I agree with you on this. I was at a fundraiser for his family in March at the Longbranch it was a few days after that when I saw the facebook page about his wife wanting to see Kenny Chesney in Vegas. I thought the money was to help her and her kids, not to see Kenny in Vegas.

    And you're right curious, there are alot of people who feel the same way. Even a few of his co-workers at the fire dept I have talked to.