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Raleigh man killed on I-440 had been in earlier wreck

Posted October 2, 2011
Updated October 5, 2011

— A Raleigh man killed on Interstate 440 early Saturday had been in a single-vehicle wreck about two hours earlier, according to wreck reports released by police Sunday.

Bruce Huffman Jr., 32, veered off the right side of I-440 East, between Six Forks and Wake Forest roads, around 2:45 a.m., the reports state. His 2008 Pontiac sedan traveled 262 feet in a ditch alongside the highway before hitting a tree.

At that point, police believe he was uninjured, according to the reports.

Shortly before 5 a.m., a two-axle truck struck Huffman in the left center lane of I-440. Huffman was killed, while the truck driver wasn't injured.

Police said they aren't sure if Huffman had been hit by other vehicles. The results of an alcohol test on him are pending.

The first wreck was not reported to police, and officers responding to the collision in which Huffman died found his vehicle alongside the road, police said. Investigators talked to witnesses who placed Huffman's vehicle along I-440 no later than 2:45 a.m.

Police are continuing to investigate the series of events. No charges have been filed.

Anyone with information that might provide more insight into any aspect of the case is asked to police at 919-834-4357.


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  • stumphitter Oct 5, 2011

    Having lost a son myself, my heart goes out to the family regardless of the situation, he is gone and the family have a hard road ahead of them. I pray for them for the pain is relentless.

  • angelienna Oct 3, 2011

    While Vrodhunts has very valid points in regards to statistics, with the new news that jenbococ shared with us that he was coming home from work changes things. My thoughts are with the family during this difficult time. If he was coming home from work, then what we have here is a man who was working, paying taxes and trying to do right. So let's please try to be respectful of those who knew and loved him. This is hard enough without continuing rumors.

  • jenbocock Oct 3, 2011

    Ok, first off he was on his way home from work, second off, we (his family) think he fell asleep @ ran off the road @ 2:45. Our question is, when he hit the tree, did he have a head injury, & if so, then why did the cop who investigated the accident at 2:45 leave him on a major highway alone & with the car still there, if he did have a head injury, he might have not known where he was. Please stop posting things on here that are speculation, his wife had to find things out from the news, that is bad enough! THANK YOU!!!

  • buford Oct 3, 2011

    Not to prejudge but it sure sounds like alcohol related. - fayncmike

    "Not to prejudge but you seem really ignorant. Keep your comments to yourself" - Red Sox Nation

    Really Moderators? Letting unnecessarily belligerent posts like these pass on through is OK with you? tsk - Cary Is Awesome

    Sorry I agree with Red Sox Nation, just sayin....

  • RaleighHunts Oct 3, 2011

    Now come on, guys. fayncmike just said it "sounds like" alcohol related, and to most people it sure does. He drove off the beltline at 2:45am. The beltline is a big, wide, relatively straight road, and a high percentage of people driving at 2:45 am are coming home from the bars (which close at 2am). Statistically speaking, there is a very high probability that alcohol was somehow involved in wrecks that happen within an hour of bars closing at night, whether he was drunk or avoiding a drunk. The fact that he was later killed while walking in the left center lane 2 hours later suggests that he was quite possibly intoxicated. Is it possible alcohol was not a factor in any part of this, yes, but the odds are that it is, and thats all the commenter was pointing out. And as for telling someone in the COMMENTS board to keep their comments to themselves, that is an odd statement...

  • IzzMad2016 Oct 3, 2011

    "Not to prejudge but you seem really ignorant. Keep your comments to yourself"

    Really Moderators? Letting unnecessarily belligerent posts like these pass on through is OK with you? tsk

  • buford Oct 3, 2011

    Wow...this is just horrible. Where was he between the time of the crash and the time he got hit? So many unanswered questions.

  • Seeminglyopposed Oct 3, 2011

    With a crash like that he could have been disoriented? After such a crash you can still walk and not know where you are at and not be intoxicated drugs/alcohol. Let's wait for the conclusion, either way he died a horrible death.

  • AtALost Oct 3, 2011

    ??Because sober people never wreck?

    No, sober people wreck all the time. BUT, it is odd to be in 2 wrecks in one night just 2 hours apart. It's logical to think it's alcohol/drug related or due to mental or physical illness. Prayers for the family.

  • Just another bad guy Oct 3, 2011

    "The results of an alcohol test on him are pending."

    Not to prejudge but it sure sounds like alcohol related.

    ??Because sober people never wreck?