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Raleigh man arrested on child rape charges

Posted September 15, 2013
Updated September 16, 2013

Rahqi Bilal Tyler

— Police on Sunday arrested a Raleigh man on charges that he raped a child.

Rahqi Bilal Tyler, 20, of 10110-104 Strome Ave., faces two counts of first-degree rape of a child in connection with the alleged crimes, which happened sometime between Aug. 21 and Sept. 11, according to an arrest warrant.

A Raleigh police spokesman said the Tyler and the 12-year-old girl knew each other but did not elaborate.

Tyler was being held under a $2 million secured bond Sunday evening and was expected to make his first appearance in Wake County District Court on Monday.


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  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Sep 17, 2013

    gnews - "Anyone who commits a crime against an innocent child does not deserve to breath the same air as decent folks."

    I agree.

    Yet he'll probably just get a slap on the wrist, some time in prison, and then will be free to prey on children again one day.

    That's ludicrous and tragic to me.

  • 678devilish Sep 17, 2013

    to breath the same air as decent folks.

    Nothing YOU can do about the breathing. But allow the Lord and God to handle that. Thanks.

  • gnewsome1 Sep 17, 2013

    Anyone who commits a crime against an innocent child does not deserve to breath the same air as decent folks.

  • katgotyertongue Sep 16, 2013

    I was waiting for this to be Obama's fault...sheesh

  • 678devilish Sep 16, 2013

    Why do these grown men continue to go after these young CHILDREN? Of course they cannot get lady's of their own age, so they resort to children. How sick is that. Parents you had better wake up and protect your children. Predators are all around. Many are not on a criminal list, either.

  • 678devilish Sep 16, 2013

    Give him 50 years in prison. He knew what he was doing was wrong. Get the child counseling so she will be able to cope in life.

  • seenbetterdaze Sep 16, 2013

    If you think this story is bad...The Obama regime has allowed the Immigration enforcement people to let nearly 3,000 Sex Offenders go scot free. The offenders were in custody, waiting to be Deported back to where they came from, but places like Mexico does not want them back, so ICE just let them go back into our Nation, to keep on Offending. Only American Citizens are held to higher standards, and PUNISHED for any crime committed or laws on the books being broken.

  • Bartmeister Sep 16, 2013

    2 counts? Like that's somehow worst than 1 on a child under 13. Trying to figure out why is a waste of your time.

  • kspoling Sep 16, 2013

    lowest of the low, smirk all you want, you wont be smirking in general population