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Raleigh family loses dozens to Gaza violence

Posted July 22, 2014

— A Raleigh family with relatives in Gaza reflects the human face behind the fighting.

Nazeeha Asad, came to the Triangle from Gaza City in the 1980s. Her daughter, Amani Asad, said she has been glued to the television watching the increasing chaos in her homeland.

"It was all over every channel," Amani Asad said of reports of the exchange of airstrikes between the Israeli army and Hamas.

Official reports are that 630 Palestinians and 29 Israelis — 27 soldiers and two civilians – have been killed over 15 days of fighting.

More than a dozen of those deaths were her relatives, Amani Asad said.

"She just started yelling. She just started yelling and crying," Asad said of her mother. "She recognized the house. They showed it demolished."

Nazeeha Asad saw her family's home in Gaza blown apart by an explosion. In all, 20 members of her family were dead, including a child younger than two.

"She said they were pulling bodies from under the rubble by hand, themselves moving the rubble and pulling out bodies," Amani Asad described.  

Some of what her mother told her was emotionally hard for her to translate. Taking a deep breath, Amani Asad continued, "She said one of the family members, all they had was her hand."

The Asads don't know where their surviving Palestinian relatives are or how they are doing.

All they can do it watch international news reports and pray for peace.

"I don't sleep. I am always watching," Nazeeha Asad said. 


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  • Good gift 88 Jul 23, 2014

    How very sad. I am so sorry for your loss and continued trauma. I read that 50% of the people living in Gaza were against the actions of Hamas. They seem so fragmented. How could they express their disagreement, I wonder? What else can Israel do but protect themselves? Hamas is using its own people as human shields . It just all seems crazy!

  • Ty Shrake Jul 23, 2014
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    HAMAS has no uniformed military force. They are basically a terrorist militia. As such they are all technically civilians by Geneva Convention rules. As a result ANYONE killed in Gaza is a "civilian"... a fact HAMAS uses to influence the uninformed and gullible.

  • kermit60 Jul 23, 2014

    What Israel is doing is nothing that all major countries especially the ones complaining the most haven't done in the past. It is why they call it war. It's not nice or fair or without innocent victims. We may not like it but it is one of the constants throughout history. Humans just seem to be driven to it, spend billions preparing for it, and as long as there are different peoples, religions, governments and beliefs there will be armed conflicts.

  • disgusted2010 Jul 23, 2014

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    Only if it follows their agenda OR inflames people to generate more hits.

  • wingnutcnc Jul 23, 2014

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    I reckon the A bomb that was dropped on Japan knew only to kill the bad guys, then they dropped another one just to make sure.

    Wow, I guess flying jet's into buildings with innocent passengers on board is now the equivalent of firecrackers.

    If all Islamist militant groups didn't profess their hatred towards Israelis and the western world I might feel differently. They picked they fight by targeting innocent women and children, you reap as you sow.

  • Ty Shrake Jul 23, 2014
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    You'd have to be bereft of any moral compass to hide behind civilians, launch rockets from their homes and schools, and use their deaths as political tools on the world stage. But you'd really have to be lost to support these people.

  • John McCray Jul 23, 2014
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    The problem with your argument, as well as what creates so much problem in the International community in trying to police the Israelis, is that guerrilla tactics are often carried out by people that are "citizens"

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 23, 2014

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    It's because Hamas "soldiers" hide among civilians which create a large body count that Hamas uses to fool the intellectually challenged in to claiming that Israel slaughters innocent civilians, including children.

  • John McCray Jul 23, 2014
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    Amazing that many here choose to focus on religion as the only driving factor in this conflict. Also, there are so many who make the claim from a Christian point of view when this is a political battle between two groups that are either Muslim or Jewish as a majority. Guess what, there are Christian Palestinians and Israelis.

    But really, this is also about self-rule, and control of resources.

  • KnowsItAll Jul 23, 2014

    latest report is that there are 700 dead Palestinean citizens, and 29 Israeli soldiers.

    You'd have to be absolutely bereft of any moral compass to support a regime that has killed so many civilians. The fireworks that Hamas shoots into Israel are like toys, compared to the lethal response from Israel.

    When you find yourself supporting a regime that slaughters innocent civilians, including children, maybe it's time to reassess...