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Raleigh employees make case for bigger raise

Posted June 5, 2013

— Raleigh police, fire and solid waste employees want bigger raises this year, according to representatives of those groups who spoke out Tuesday during a public hearing about the proposed 2013-14 budget.

Raleigh Public Record: City Council hears from public on budget plan

The new fiscal year begins July 1. The $705.2 million budget is an almost 5 percent increase from the current budget. The budget includes a 3 percent merit raise for city employees and some new hires, including four new 911 operators and two deputy fire marshals. But no additional firefighters or police officers will be added under the proposal.

The Council chambers were full, with standing room only at the City Council’s evening session. Attendees included representatives from police, fire and solid waste unions, who expressed a strong desire to raise the proposed salary increase of city employees from 3 to 5 percent.

Eric DeSimone, president of the Raleigh Police Protective Association, argued that the pay for Raleigh police officers often compared unfavorably to that of officers in similar-sized cities and regions.

“We do this job because that is what we do, this is who we are,” DeSimone said.“We want to be the ones out there to make a difference, we want to be the ones out there helping.

“The one thing we don’t want to do is struggle financially, or have our families struggle financially anymore,” he said.

According to city records, first class police officers earn around $38,000 or $39,000 per year. A senior officer’s salary is listed at more than $62,000.

DeSimone’s remarks, and those of the other public sector representatives were met with boisterous applause from a crowd that included dozens of city firefighters showing their support for the 2 percent increase.


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  • MamaB2 Jun 14, 2013

    Thank you Beachinit. I'm a police wife too. They don't get paid nearly enough for what they have to do.

    ConservativeVoter: if your house is on fire or you are in a serious car crash or someone breaks into your house, you will find out what makes city employees more special than the ones in the private sector.

  • ConservativeVoter Jun 10, 2013

    The city employees shouldn't get a raise. Most workers in the private sector have gone years without a raise. What makes the city employees special enough to get raises.

  • superman Jun 7, 2013

    Stop spending money on parks we dont need. We are all struggling financially and have been for a long time. But think about the people who have no jobs and no longer qualify for unemployment. At least you have a paycheck to struggle. You best be very happy you still have a job and dont have to move to China or Japan.

  • Black HelicoptersNFood Insurance Jun 6, 2013

    Don’t worry as long as you were personally appointed by McCrory, AND personally donated at least 10,000 dollars to his campaign, AND already make over 90,000+ per year you will get 8-10 percent raise…. police, fire and solid waste employees won’t get jack on the other hand.

    BTW, someone please tell me about how McCrory is cleaning up NC again?

  • Pac-Man Jun 6, 2013

    Unlike the state, Raleigh is sitting on billions of dollars in new revenue. Mayor McFarland has said it herself that Raleigh is doing great.

    A 1% raise, citywide, would cost the city 2 million dollars. Since the city has saved 16 million by not paying its employees a cost of living for 5 years, I think they can easily come up with 4. Anything less would be a disservice.

  • beachinit Jun 6, 2013

    "I work for the state and no raise since 2008."
    Do you wear a bullet proof vest every day to work? Fight the worst of our society on a daily basis? Work 12-14 hour days, with no overtime pay? Our police officers and FD deserve more, the average citizen has no idea how hard they work.

  • itsmetheboss7 Jun 6, 2013

    Your right RALZTR. Just because we work for the state we are citizens also and have to pay the same taxes and struggle like everyone else. Any openings in the city?

  • itsmetheboss7 Jun 6, 2013

    I work for the state and no raise since 2008. Everybody is struggling.

  • beachinit Jun 6, 2013

    "According to city records, first class police officers earn around $38,000 or $39,000 per year. A senior officer’s salary is listed at more than $62,000"

    I'd like to know where WRAL got their salary figures? My husband is a Sr. Officer for RPD and makes no where near that amount. I also know for fact that First Class officers do not make $38,000 a year. If the officers made as much as mentioned in this article... I doubt so many of them would be upset. They haven't had raises in several years, and when they reclass they get a measly bump in pay. Bottom line, these men and women work hard and sacrifice their family time, their bodies, and their days off for this city. And for the capital city of our state, thier compensation is sorry.

  • common_sense_plz Jun 6, 2013

    The raises will be great as long as they go to the men and women who actuallly work and not the administration, who sit in their offices all day. give the actual raises to the men and women who protect the citizens of raleigh and pick up their trash.