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Raleigh City Council approves new fire station

Posted October 19, 2010

— The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday approved a recommendation to negotiate a design and construction contract for a new fire station.

The station would be located near near the Harrington Grove Subdivision in northwest Raleigh on Leesville Road.

Capital funding was budgeted in 2009 for planning, design and construction of the new station. Groundbreaking is scheduled for early spring 2011.


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  • LSH247 Oct 21, 2010

    To ORMA. You need to become a better informed citizen. The City of Raleigh has not layed off any police officers or firefighters, and the City of Raleigh has no school teachers because it has no schools. However, like many school teachers, officers, firefighters, and dispatchers are running short handed. And the 9-1-1 Center is in dire need of a new facility, yet people like you complained about the cost of a new center or new fire station. If you think spending millions to build a new fire station or new 9-1-1 center is expensive, paying out a few law suits for not meeting the expected standard of care.

  • JordanvsBird Oct 20, 2010

    It could be unnecessary if people would stop throwing lit cigarettes from their cars.

  • pyrosinthesky Oct 20, 2010

    Superdad - people can be "way below average intelligence" (since the filter won't let me use the proper term). I was attacked in another discussion even though I was agreeing with the attacker.

  • town guy Oct 20, 2010

    OK, this it the last time I post on Golo. When I hear people complain about the expense of fire stations, I know I'm in the wrong room. Adios!

  • map1agmachining Oct 20, 2010

    I'm for it. I'm glad my firehouse ( Pleasent Valley )is only 2 miles away from my house.

  • JAT Oct 20, 2010

    from Raleigh - there may be 3 there already but at least 1 is in Durham County; one's up Leesville at the Food Lion and that's a very small station that has to deal with alot of congestion to get way out to HG if needed during rush hour. Plus, this new one would be a faster access to 540 probably, enabling faster response to wrecks and such.

  • red355iroc Oct 20, 2010

    I hear It's going to house a special Pine Straw response unit.

  • superdad412 Oct 20, 2010

    Along comes another who hasn't done their homework? Let me guess... you have assessed the needs of this situation and that’s your financial wisdom? Generally, I do not respond to posts that are whimsical expressions of no conversational value, but in this case you bring up a good point.

    "SPEND, SPEND, SPEND” what? Oh you must mean "SPEND" the money Raleigh currently pays out in contracts for that area, then has nothing to show for it when it's time to renew the contract.

    Seriously, if you’re just commenting because you think this subject is an easy target of anti-government spending, then you really need to do a lot of homework on the subject. There’s a lot at stake here: Services by Raleigh employees to Raleigh citizens, Raleigh’s response times to its citizens emergencies, Raleigh’s compliance with federal standards regarding response times, Firefighter jobs, property insurance rates in the response area and the list goes on.

  • 11of10j Oct 20, 2010

    SPEND.SPEND.SPEND...It's not coming out of your pocket.

  • superdad412 Oct 20, 2010

    Regardless, of whether you like it or not, and no matter what is said in this forum, the station will be built and eventually, there will be another, then another. It’s a never ending process as long as there is growth. Just please understand my point. If it doesn’t say City of Raleigh on the building’s plaque, then Raleigh doesn’t have control over it. Those who live deep within the safety net of Raleigh’s public safety infrastructure, (I assume you live in Raleigh) should not be so quick to withhold the same level of services from fellow taxpayers. If the fire station in your neighborhood was closed or suffered a “brown out” for any reason I feel certain you would cry “foul”! So, you can’t have it both ways.