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Raleigh apartment community goes smoke-free

Posted February 28, 2013

— There are smoking bans at restaurants, parks and other public places, but apartment communities?

The Water Garden Village in northwest Raleigh is a new apartment complex where residents can live without ever dealing with second-hand smoke on the 11-acre property.

Housing experts say it's the beginning of a trend sweeping the country.

For landlords, it means a savings in clean-up costs of vacant apartments. For residents, it's taking healthy housing one step further.

"I absolutely love living here," said Joan Decker.

For Decker, living at Water Garden Village means having peace of mind.

"Suppose a person is smoking upstairs in bed (and falls asleep)," she said. "At my age, how fast can I run out of an apartment?"

Nonprofit DHIC developed the property. President Gregg Warren says the apartments were leased within nearly a month of opening.

Raleigh apartment community goes smoke-free Raleigh apartment community goes smoke-free

"We were concerned that it might even limit our ability to rent the apartments," he said.

The healthy housing extends beyond the apartment walls to the fitness center, the clubhouse, the playground and even laundry facilities.

And of course, there is reason for residents to keep clean. It's called violating the lease.

"We would basically have three strikes and you're out," Warren said. "You've got to give people a little bit of an opportunity to correct their ways."

Patrick Eckstein quit smoking about the time he and his family moved to the community.

The smoke-free campus provided him with an incentive.

"Knowing that in the place where I live that I can't go out on my deck and smoke is the one thing that pushed me to say, 'Hey, I'm not going out in the freezing cold and walking down the street to smoke,'" Eckstein said. "It is nice knowing I can come here and get away from it and try to live a healthier life."

Water Garden Village is not alone. Another smoke-free community is still under construction in north Raleigh.

The Wilmont, on Hillsborough Street, opened two years ago and has been in high demand.


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  • superman Mar 1, 2013

    Women should be required to have their perfume approved by the Apartment board. Some doctors ask that you not use perfumes etc. before your appointment.

  • superman Mar 1, 2013

    How about putting a ban on stinky perfume. Some women dont use just a touch but half a bottle. They use a lot cause it is cheap at the Dollar Store. How about people that drink. They are really a problem. Loud parties, beer cans and bottles. Fights--residents having to call 911. Being "smoke free" is not the only or most serious problem living in an apartment. You ever been to the swimming pool at the apt complex. It is packed with women who stink and men who are drunk.

  • Commentor113 Mar 1, 2013

    People need to calm down referring to smokers as addicts like their crackheads on the street. You know what other drug makes your breath stink? Coffee. But I rarely here coffee drinkers referenced in such a light, yet a large portion of the adult population is "addicted" to this powerful stimulant which does contain side effects that scientist have yet to come to agreement on. Sounds familiar.

  • gregg45 Mar 1, 2013

    it is not about the rules, of course, people, you would not move there if you smoke, did you understand, and if the stepford people decide to exempt others that do not conform to those rules? what other rules shall they make??

  • gregg45 Mar 1, 2013

    local. you switch to a battery operated with high speed as control,, also monty,

  • Obamacare rises Mar 1, 2013

    I'd just smoke in the bathroom there. No one would ever know.

  • whoami Mar 1, 2013

    Workplaces have banned smoking for a quite some time. Many now extend that ban to include all areas outside that are on the business' property. I see a trail of addicts every day walking just past the property line and lighting up. I applaud this company's commitment. And, many apartment complexes already have guidelines and limitations on firearms, motorcycles, vehicles and more.

  • LocalYokel Mar 1, 2013

    I fixed it for you montaguenc:

    Easy to remain an addict, get cancer, and maintain your bad breath in a smoke free environment...switch to electronic cigarettes.

  • montaguenc Mar 1, 2013

    Easy...switch to electronic cigarettes

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Mar 1, 2013

    100 to 1--- where that place sits is were a family farm tobacco & help NC grow.