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Prison Seeks Woman Who Walked Away From Work-Release Job

Posted May 29, 2007
Updated June 7, 2007

— State prison officials Tuesday asked for the public's help in finding an inmate who was serving a sentence for robbery and did not come back to the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women from her work-release job.

Officials said Laticia Howze, 33, worked at Snoopy's Hot Dogs on Hillsborough Street and was to have returned to the prison at 8:15 p.m. Friday, but has not been seen.

Howze and another woman were convicted in 2001 of two Asheville robberies, prison officials said.

They asked that anyone with information contact the prison at 919-733-4248 or their local police department.


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  • North Carolina Native May 30, 2007

    lol SpiritW... I'm just assuming... ;)

  • 39 going on 25 May 30, 2007

    Maybe Charlie Brown knows her whereabouts!!

  • Go Figure May 30, 2007

    no one was keeping an eye on this lady?
    great, now she is out wandering the streets...

  • spiritwarriorwoman1 May 30, 2007

    ncloree - "How about ankle bracelets like people placed under house arrest have to wear? Are we just letting our prisoners out without having the ability to know where they are at all times?"

    What a great idea! Too bad the prison system didn't think of it first. sigh

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • spiritwarriorwoman1 May 30, 2007

    NorthCarolinaNative - "... what will her kids do now without her $50 a week salary!"

    Ooops, don't see where it says she has kids.

    Praying for a safe and speedy recapture.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Politically Honest NOT PC May 30, 2007

    If the convicts want work then give it to them. Give them a sledge hammer and a boulder and let them make gravel. I worked in the prison system in NC for three years back in the late 80's. These convicts have it better than those of us that are victims of their crimes and have to work for a living. Those of you old enough to remember when the counties had control of the prisons, should educate the young, soft headed(yeah, headed NOT hearted) liberals of the way it was and should be. Then, when the convicts get out of prison, maybe they won't want to go back!!

  • Gate Keeper May 30, 2007

    For most of the people in prison, it is a time to whoop it up with the homeys and talk of ol' times of suckin down dueces and chasing skirts. There isn't time to reflect on the crimes they perp on socioty. Time is on their side. They wait for the day to foist themselves back on us.Where we become their prey until caught and then back to the Boys/Girls Club until the day when the system once again releases them back in our midst.Poor little Laticia.....did your mommy not read to you at night? Maybe someone made her angry by telling her how to do her job proprely. We mustn't get the cons angry!!

  • North Carolina Native May 30, 2007

    i betcha she won't be able to get work release now... what will her kids do now without her $50 a week salary!

  • computer trainer May 30, 2007

    There are a lot of prisoners working at State buildings. The ones in my building have it pretty cushy. They are there all day. It is air conditioned. And they sure seem to have a GREAT time while they are there. The whooping and hollering sometimes makes you think that they are at an amusement park. They leer at the women and make most of us uncomfortable. Try walking down the hall and having to walk through a line of them. Their "handler" is not much better as she is loud and obnoxious, too. Sometimes after they clean the restroom, we have to clean up after them.

    It would appear to me that they could find them plenty of work to do, without mixing them with the general public all the time.

  • Halyard May 29, 2007

    Musta got a better offer @ McAdios