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Popular Durham cyclist dies from injuries while biking

Posted October 28, 2014

Source: LindedIn/Kent Winberry

— Kent Winberry, a popular Durham cyclist who advocated for bicycling safety, died Monday of injuries sustained when he was hit by a pickup truck while biking.

Winberry was riding on Duke University Road on Saturday when he was hit by a Dodge Ram making a left turn, according to Chapel Hill Town Councilman Ed Harrison.

In 2010, Winberry wrote a letter to legislators in opposition to a measure requiring bicyclists to ride in single file while on roadways.

“When I'm riding alone, I'm most vulnerable to passing vehicles and an accident,” he wrote. “If I stay all the way to the right of the lane hugging the white line, I encourage a vehicle to pass me regardless of lane size and oncoming traffic. In fact, I was brushed by a GMC SUV on New Hope Church Road in Orange County…for making that simple mistake.”

Winberry was an IT analyst at Duke Health Technology Solutions, according to his LinkedIn page.

Durham police have not said whether the driver will face any charges.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced.


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  • heelhawk Oct 29, 2014

    For the "my right to drive how I wish trumps your right to live" crowd. This was the driver's fault. That person killed a man and they did so because they couldn't wait 15 seconds to let the cyclist clear the intersection. You can blather all you want about cyclists not following the rules but in the end it is ALWAYS a driver who broke the law and someone else paid for it with their life. Stiffer penalties for those who hit a cyclist are long overdue.

  • Ralph Savary Oct 29, 2014
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    It’s simply comical that there are those as puerile as to believe that cyclists contribute nothing to roadway infrastructure. Do they seriously believe that the majority of cyclists do not own at least one vehicle and pay taxes? And these folks are operating motor vehicles.

  • Typical WRAL Commenter Oct 29, 2014

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    So you must despise all drivers too because I'm sure you've seen one of them run a red light before.

  • Rob Garner Oct 29, 2014
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    It appears that the driver was at fault. Motorists making left-hand turns are one of the most dangerous situations for cyclists, and are the SINGLE most dangerous situation for motorcyclists - who happen to pay gas taxes, maintain speeds consistent with other drivers, use existing lanes, etc., and are still at an increased risk of death by other motorists. So I guess we should ban motorcycles from the road, too?

  • Ralph Savary Oct 29, 2014
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    How true! I'd like to see MUCH stiffer penalties happen to those who're found negligent when hitting cyclists, perhaps higher fines and mandatory loss of license would help many take their driving responsibilities more seriously. Enough is enough.

  • Pack Girl Oct 29, 2014

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    Agreed! And in town, they constantly back up traffic by selfishly riding in the center of a lane. But the most irritating is that they rarely stop for red lights and stop signs. Why do bicyclists think that they are exempt from following the rules of the road? They are clearly held to the same laws as motorists, yet law enforcement does nothing to punish bicyclists' infractions. Makes me despise all bicyclists!

  • Stan Simmerson Oct 29, 2014
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    Durham police have not said whether the driver will face any charges.
    Read more at http://www.wral.com/popular-durham-cyclist-killed-while-biking/14124362/#gUUOoafD7SUm003i.99

    You've got to be kidding me! If the truck turned left, hittiing him and killing him, why is there any hesitation about filing charges?

  • Sandra Elizabeth Oct 29, 2014
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    Ummmm, we do own the road, according to Hillary and Warren. Gas tax ring a bell? Yearly tax on the ownership of a car? How much to bicyclists pay to ride their bike and little drunk scooters?

  • Jerry Sawyer Oct 29, 2014
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    if you want to see the way NOT to ride cycles in traffic, just head out to West Cary at the edge of Chatham Co and see 20-30 cycles running stop signs and lights, riding 3-4 wide and holding 4-5 cars while they go 5mph up hills. Expect you to get out of their way when you make left turns, not sharing...they OWN the road

    I don't understand why the police and highway patrol allow this to continue.

  • TJPC Oct 29, 2014

    The desensitization here is alarming. Please remember that we are talking about people's lives. There are plenty of cyclists out there who don't obey the laws of the road (putting them into jeopardy). There are also plenty of bad drivers out there who don't obey the laws of the road (putting themselves and others into jeopardy). To suggest that anyone in either group deserves to die is obscene. I am a biker as well. When I come across people who are vehemently against bikers I tell them to pretend every time they see a biker that is is their child, spouse, mother, father, best friend, etc. I bet you would give them plenty of room and not drive aggressively around them! This little trick works for drivers as well. Let's all slow down and stop driving angry.